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November 18, 2018

Shubhankar Sharma

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Rookie of the Year, that must feel pretty special.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Yes, it is, you can only do it once in your career, and very happy with the season. I'm very happy to be on the Tour here.

Q. And you're succeeding Jon Rahm, who had great success. You're in good company.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Yes, definitely, and I'm sure a lot of other great players before have won this award. I'm really happy that I was lucky enough to win it this year. I played well and won twice and had a few Top 10s, so very happy.

Q. We were talking to Wade Ormsby the other day, who went 267 events before he got his first win, and you got two in your first year on Tour. That puts your achievement into perspective.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Definitely. To win twice, on any tour, in a single year is great. I got off to a great start in South Africa and I capitalised on that, and again, in Malaysia, that was special, as well.

I had a few more opportunities after that, but just to win twice and just to learn so much on this tour with the best players in the world, I would say I had a great year.

Q. Probably not the finish you wanted for this tournament this week, but playing in the DP World Tour Championship with all these big-name players, again, that must have been a pretty exciting week for you.
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Yes, it was. I've seen this event on TV for the past five years that I remember, sitting on the couch and watching. It was great to be part of that action today, and playing with Sergio, he's obviously a great player. It was great playing with him. I really enjoyed it.

Q. Expectations now for next year?
SHUBHANKAR SHARMA: Nothing for now. Not really thinking too much about it. European Tour doesn't give you that much of a break. It starts next week. Next year will bring more things, more challenges, but the only good thing is that most of the courses now are not going to be new to me since I've played all of them at least once.

So that is definitely going to help, and I'll try to do my best next year, as well.

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