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November 18, 2018

Matt Wallace

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. A 68, just coming up a little bit short by the look of it. Just give us your assessment of today?
MATT WALLACE: Played great. Dug in. Gave myself a great chance. It was tough out there, I thought, and 17 was in-between clubs for me. So I didn't hit a great shot and got up-and-down. It was a good save and then played the last really well.

So yeah, really happy with how I held myself. Just frustrated to come up short.

Q. The pitch was agonisingly close to being an eagle, which would have made things very interesting.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I wanted that one so badly. I thought it was on a great line and I hit it high enough that I thought if anything, it was going to miss high, and it actually missed low. I was surprised at that.

But yeah, it's another one ticked off the list where I've played under pressure and had to try and get it done and I played well.

Q. How much does mental strength play a part? Yesterday you were disappointed, but talked about being positive. You've taken into today that same attitude.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, absolutely. Looks like that double-bogey on 8 probably cost me which is frustrating because it was the wrong play off the tee, the wrong process, but I've come out strong, as I said yesterday and I forgot about yesterday; and I've come out strong yesterday and really proud of myself and hopefully this can put me up into the Top-50 of the world.

Q. That's massive, of course, gets you into some big events. When you assess the season as a whole, three wins and second in this DP World Tour Championship, it's been a fantastic year for you.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, obviously Patrick is still out there, but it's been a great year. It would have been really nice to knock off this one, but I played with Danny yesterday and he played great, so all credit to him. He's a good player and he's a top boy, so congrats to Danny.

Q. You had to be aggressive and you were that today. Were you satisfied with how you performed, especially on the closing nine?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, really happy. I felt the nerves a little bit in the mid-section, but managed to grind myself out of that and hit some good shots and hit some good putts.

17 was playing sort of in-between clubs for me, so I couldn't really be aggressive, and kind of just leaked it out right and didn't give myself a chance, and then played 18 perfect.

I hit that chip and I try and gave myself a bit more on the high side and it still went low. So no, really happy with how I played, and just a bit upset coming up just short.

Q. You've obviously accomplished so much this year, and you want to learn as you continue on your path. What did you learn this week about yourself?
MATT WALLACE: That my game's progressing. Seriously becoming a solid iron player, which I never have been, and I've worked all year for it. I'll be really happy to look at my stats after this week. I gave myself loads of chances.

We'll keep working on the stuff that I need to work on. Keep that fight, keep that fire that I've got, and hopefully give myself more chances in these tournaments.

Q. Describe that adrenaline rush playing 18, knowing what was at stake and what you needed to do?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I knew what I had to do and I hit a great drive. There's not many times I out-drive Dean. I was pretty pumped. Hit a great drive. Hit a lovely 5-wood, and I didn't see it down and I didn't know where it went, and obviously drifted right and went a bit long.

The chip, I was really wanting to hole it and I thought I could give it a really good go. Gave it a bit more on the high side and it went a bit low, a bit frustrated with that.

But you know, what it's been a great week and it's been an amazing year. It's nice to cap it off this way. Would have been better to get the win but I can't get them all. Congrats to Danny, if he wins, which I'm sure he will in that position.

Yeah, great year, and plenty more for next year.

Q. Great year as you say, big week, season-ending finale. What more did you learn about yourself this week?
MATT WALLACE: It's another one ticked off, really. It's another one when if I get in this position again, hopefully I can relate back to this one, be a little bit more calmer, be a bit more intense when I need to be, hit something closer.

But it's golf. It's tough. There's so many ebbs and flows in there that you don't know when it's going to strike. I thought I played really nicely today and gave myself loads of chances down the stretch I probably didn't hit it close enough. That's the way it is and I'll be back stronger.

Q. Looking like you'll be in the world's Top-50. What achievement is that for you personally and what more can we expect from you in terms of 2019?
MATT WALLACE: Well, hopefully you'll see me at the Masters. That will be amazing. Dave's been wanting to get back there for a long time, and he'll be buzzing to get back there, and so will I. If that is the case, if I get into the Top-50, that was a massive goal of mine to reach by the end of this year, and that will cap off probably, yeah, the best year that I've ever had.

So to try and top that next year, that would be some going.

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