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November 17, 2018

Carlota Ciganda

Naples, Florida

Q. You have to like this course.
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I mean, it's a tough course but I like it, yeah. I play good a few years ago.

Q. Yeah, you lost the playoff, as I remember.

Q. What, '16, 2016?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I'm not sure. 2015 I think. Yeah.

Q. Your game today, happy with it?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, pretty solid; no bogeys. I was happy with that. I think it was tough with the wind; hit lots of greens and a few birdies on the par-5s.

Yeah, I'm happy.

Q. And tomorrow?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Tomorrow it's another day and I try to play my best. I saw Lexi is playing good. I know she likes the course. I play with her yesterday and she was playing very good.

But it's Sunday and I'll try to play my best.

Q. You played so consistent over this back half of the season. What do you fell like has come together over the last couple months?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I been hitting more greens. My swing feels more consistent. I think the more I play the better it is for me. Now after this I take four, five weeks off so I'm always a little slow to start.

I like to take my time off, and usually at the begin I'm not -- not not well-prepared, but I'm not my 100%. Once I start playing I start playing better.

Yeah, it's been a great year overall. The second half, it's been really good, especially the Asian events and this one.

I'm happy, and happy that it's ending but a little sad also, because I would like to keep playing like this.

Q. When you come so close like that, are you taking more away? Like, Hey, it's great I came close? Or are you more like, Why didn't I get it done? What's your mindset?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I would love to win, but I think the more obsessed you are the worse. You have to put yourself out there many times. One day without any thinking you will win.

So I'm trying to do that, put myself in a good chance on Sundays and keep playing, and I think it will come.

Q. So what do you do during the off-season? You just totally shut it down for a while?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, yeah. Four weeks, yes. Relax, go to Spain, friends, family, and no golf, because in January everything starts again and it's a long year, so...

Q. Going to do that again this year?

Q. Would you ever consider adjusting that plan?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Not really, because I think the year is so long. I think I have to really rest mentally. I think if I keep playing maybe by the summer next year I'll be dead.

I mean, I've done in the past. I used to play Dubai and European Tour and few more events and finish a little later and then not much break, start practice in January, and I will be very tired by the summer.

I think it's important to have that balance. It's been working for me, so that's what I'm going to do.

Q. Is this your last event?

Q. This is it?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah. There is one more in Spain next week, but I'm not playing this year.

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