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November 17, 2018

Lexi Thompson

Naples, Florida

Q. Lexi, no bogeys in your first two rounds. Start off today with three pars; bogeyed the fourth hole. How important was that birdie at the very next hole?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was very important. You know, hit two good shots on that hole. It was just a really hard lie putt going towards the water there. It wasn't as fast as I thought it was.

Hit a great second putt. Just barely missed. It was a good comeback on the next hole to birdie it. I hit a great shot and golf is all about momentum.

Q. You told me yesterday about how much fun you're having. Really not trying to put pressure on yourself. How was it today out there? We you feeling that pressure or just enjoying the round with your brother?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, no, I didn't really feel it at all. I just tried to keep the same attitude did I last two days. Curtis kept me nice relaxed. He's always cracking jokes out there. It's been a nice relaxing week just having him on the bag and having all family and friends out here supporting me.

Q. On moving day just seemed like you were only on autopilot out there today. What was it like for you?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, just this whole week. This is one of my favorite weeks. Just revery laxing. I've just been work on my game really hard, so it's nice to see to pay off.

One more day tomorrow, and I'm just going to take the same attitude that I did the last three days and go out there and just have some fun with my brother on the bag.

Q. You were already off to a great start with a three-stroke lead to start the day. What's your mindset on a day like that?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, just have to focus on our own game and not really focus on the competitors. All we can do is control our game, our attitudes, and whatever happens, happens.

So I really just try not to look at leaderboards and just try to shoot the lowest round I can.

Q. You played so great all week; only one bogey. What's been the key to minimizing mistakes?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think just playing it smart out here. Some holes are just par holes, especially with certain pin locations, like the last hole for instance.

Yeah, just getting it out in the fairway, playing it smart, and being comfortable with your tee shots out there.

Q. Your little friend Leo has been a little bit of a star after his debut yesterday.
LEXI THOMPSON: He's more famous than I am.

Q. What are your plans for the night?
LEXI THOMPSON: Relax. I'll go out to dinner with all my family and friends and just chill. Make it an early night.

Q. 45 holes down, one bogey on the card. How much are you looking forward to tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, looking forward to tomorrow. I'm going to go into it with the same attitude I did the last three days decent and focus on one shot at a time, doing my routine, and just have a good time out there with Curtis on the bag.

Q. What's been working so well throughout the bag so far this week?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think overall just ball striking in general. Off the tee it's been really well. And just committing to my lines. For me it's all about visualizing my shots and committing to my lines out there. That's what I've been doing really well this week.

Q. How much has getting that shot shape back helped your confidence in the way you attack?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's helped me out a lot because that's how I grew up playing and that's all I've really learned to do growing up. Kind of veering away from it kind of threw me off a little bit, so just getting back to that and being confident knowing it's going to draw back has been a huge help to me.

I'll continue to work on it and get it more and more consistent overtime.

Q. Old flight path and old putter, too?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah. Basically it's like back to old faithful of everything. It's great. That's how I played golf when I was younger and I'd like to keep it that way. Yeah, I feel overall very comfortable with this golf course and just being out here.

It's been a very relaxing week, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. I know you've told the story many times, but with Curtis back on the bag, Nicholas, you played with him also, but he was older. How much is Curtis responsible for your game, playing against him?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, he's been a huge help. Growing up with Curtis only two years older, when we were younger we fought a lot. We did not get along at all, but we were always there riding our bikes to the golf course with our golf bags on our backs to do little chipping and putting competitions. We were always playing against each other in some sort of way.

Same thing with Nick as well. Just not as much as it was with Curtis. He's always been there for me. Both my brothers have. We've grown to have such a great relationship, Curtis and I, and we're always there for each other to help each other out and support each other through thick and thin.

Q. He helped with your length, too, right?
LEXI THOMPSON: Both my brothers helped with that. Just growing up with two older brothers I've learned to hit it far. I always went to the back, to the gold tees, and just tried to play them. Be like, I can hit it as far as you.

I never did, but just always tried to hit it far. Just learned so much from them, and they've been a huge help to me.

Q. I've talked to people that said how much your Instagram post helped them. Maybe they're going through the same stuff, and when they see that you are, someone who seems to them to have the perfect life, it's so liberating.

Q. Have you gotten that feedback? I'm sure there were some nerves being so honest, but to hear that it must make you feel really good.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it definitely does. I had a very positive response back from it. What I wanted to just reach out to everybody, you know, everybody just sees the glamourous life, that we're always happy in the posts we have to put.

It's not. We're real people. We go through ups, we go through downs, and a lot of people don't see that because we don't share the downs with everybody and what we go through emotionally.

That's what I wanted to share with people, that I'm a regular 23 year old girl. I just play this crazy game for a living in front of all these people.

But I wanted to share that with people just to let them know that I am a real person; I'm not just this golfer.

Q. Right. Quick follow on that. There are studies that have actually shown that if you spend a lot of time on social media it exacerbates some of the issues you wrote about, the depression, body image, because you're seeing people's curated lives; perfect.

Q. Have you taken any steps to maybe -- it's hard for you. That's your brand. But how do you balance being healthy about it but maybe stepping back a little?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it has been really hard, because I will agree with that 100%, that social media does have an impact on all those things I've been going through. At the same time, it's a good way to reach out to people and tell them -- just give them advice or just be there for them.

That's what I didn't like so much about it that I had to get away from it a little bit. I wanted to still keep in touch with the fans that were always reaching out to me, but you just have to be careful. Being the workout freak that I am, I started following fitness people and it's just not realistic. You have to live your own life, be your own person, and have love yourself for who you are.

It's a battle that we fight every single day, especially being a woman, but you have to keep on fighting.

Q. Just a quick question about playing with Nelly. Have you played her much? How well do you know her?
LEXI THOMPSON: I've played with her a few times. I don't know her too well. I grew up playing a lot of golf with her sister, Jessica. I know she's a great player. Basically everybody will put up a good fight tomorrow. I'm looking forward to teeing it up with her.

(In progress. ) He's so playful, but he just keep me so happy. No matter what kind of day, he's always super upbeat and wanting to play and giving me kisses.

Q. One of his ears is cocked or something?
LEXI THOMPSON: I don't know. They always just flip over.

Q. They flip over?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah. My mom wanted me to pull them forward. I was like, no, it's cute. I like that they flip over.

Q. The imperfection that makes him him.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, exactly.

Q. How do you apply that to yourself, that the imperfections make you who you are?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, everybody has imperfections. We're all not perfect, and we have to own it. Own it and love who you are and the imperfections and flaws that you have, because we all have them.

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