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November 17, 2018

Francesco Molinari

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. A round of 70, nearing the end of a very long season. How do you reflect on that, particularly after the birdie, birdie start early doors?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Just another wasted opportunity to be honest but you know, it is what it is. This time of the year, I think I'm trying my best but there's not a lot in there left.

So yeah, a shame, I'm playing well. I'm putting well, but I'm just dropping shots for fun. So it is what it is. One more round, and we'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Q. Does it feel more mental fatigue, physical?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: A mixture to be honest. It's something new I've never really experienced this like this and I kind of tried to convince myself that I'm feeling better week-after-week, but then a round of golf and I'm back where I started.

I think on Thursday, there was a little bit of adrenaline going and that helped me, definitely, to start with, but at the moment it's just hard to keep the focus or 18 holes. So as I said, it is what it is. Tomorrow, I feel there's a low one this there because I'm hitting the ball well and I'm putting well enough; it's just a matter of doing it for 18 holes.

Q. Given it is the last round tomorrow, and the goal is within earshot, if you like, do you feel you can get that adrenaline level back for Sunday?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I definitely hope so. But you know, I think I just need to accept it and go with it. That's what I've been trying to do. I don't think there's any point in forcing something that is not really there. So the more I try to push, it's like the more it backfires. I think I just need to go out, try to hit shots and don't really think too much about it and see what happens.

Q. The leaderboard, the situation is going your way at the moment. Obviously we have a final day tomorrow. What would this mean, given the year and everything you've produced in 2018 to achieve this feat of finishing the season as Europe's No. 1?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: It would mean a lot, no doubt. I don't know how many chances you get in a lifetime, in a career, to achieve something like that. It would be great. Obviously it's not really so much in my hands now. I need to go out tomorrow and try to shoot 8-, 9-, 10-under if possible, and if not, just sit down and see what happens.

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