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November 17, 2018

Lee Westwood

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. A little bit of relief walking off 18?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, it was hard work. The wind is just getting up a little bit there at the end, and there's so many options up 18. I didn't really commit to any of them.

Yeah, squeezed a 6-iron up there, not a very good shot and it was a horrible lie on the edge of the bark in a bit of a hole. Just got it on to the green and a good 2-putt from the bottom there.

Q. In your own words, how did you play out there today?
LEE WESTWOOD: I played great. I got off to a quick start, which I wanted to. I was 4-under through five. Missed eight feet, left it in the middle of the hole on six. Missed from six feet on 7. Missed from ten feet on 8.

Gave myself a lot of chances. Could have been out in 7-under quite easily. Just kept plugging away. I'm hitting the ball well and getting it close a lot, so the key is really patience and not getting frustrated when I was hitting good putts and they weren't going in. Just waiting to either hit it close or read it right, and I hit it two feet on 11, stiffed it with a 5-iron on 13, and was on the front edge in two on 14.

So made three pretty easy birdies there, and 17 and 18 weren't playing easy, so you know, just I think two pars on the last two holes with the wind blowing a bit, you're if the going to lose too much ground.

Q. Tight leaderboard, a golf course you enjoy and I've had success on before and you're playing well. Does experience mean a bit tomorrow on this final day in Dubai?
LEE WESTWOOD: I just think experience is valuable, whatever you're doing. Whenever you've been in a situation before, it's got to help. I'm just pleased I shot 65 and got myself in there and closer to the leaders, with the conditions as they are and if the wind stays up, then they may not get too far away from front of me, but I was 5-under and the lead was 11, was it, so I was six behind and now I'm tied. It's a big improvement and gives me a chance tomorrow.

Q. What freedom do you go out with tomorrow? We know you're in a relaxed state on and off the golf course, you come in off a victory?
LEE WESTWOOD: Well, just like you say, relaxed and not too bothered how it goes and if you can play like that; if you can try 110 per cent and not care about the outcome, that's the ideal way to play any sport, not just golf.

Q. You won the very first DP World Tour Championship here in Dubai and now in position to win on the ten-year anniversary of the event. With a 65, looking back on the strengths of your round, what were they?
LEE WESTWOOD: Hit it close a lot and got off to a good start which is always important on this golf course. It was a short pin at the first and you want to try and capitalise on that, and the second is a par 5. So getting off to a quick start is important around here.

Q. Such a popular and emotional victory last weekend in South Africa for you. Has it been easy for you to pull those emotions down and focus on what you need to do here this week?
LEE WESTWOOD: It's easy to pull the emotions down but it's run me down a little bit more than I anticipated. I'm feeling a bit sort of out of energy and I've got a cold and you know, feel a bit sort of low body-wise, not emotional-wise or enthusiasm-wise. But I'm feeling a bit grotty.

Q. You have a chance tomorrow and it's likely you're going to be chasing the lead. What is one thing you're committed to in that final round tomorrow?
LEE WESTWOOD: Just working on the same things I've been working on: Hitting it to the same places. I've played this golf course clearly more than anybody, and I've played it pretty well, and you know, I've got a game plan the likes of Sun City last week where I want to hit it, and then it's just down to me to execute the shots and hit it into those spots and make a few putts.

Q. Sounds simple.
LEE WESTWOOD: As always.

Q. Nice to have that huge win last week and to be backing it up this week?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I'm clearly playing well. It's just a case of regrouping and getting everything back into perspective and your goals, sights, back in line, and getting going again, playing again. It was no surprise that I was only 5-under after a couple of rounds, but it tends to happen when you've won the week before, and I didn't make enough putts the first couple of days. Missed a low one. Should have been a lot better than it was, and today I made up for it.

Q. Through your long game as much as anything else.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I hit the ball very well. I was in the fairway a lot and hit a lot of good iron shots close. Yeah, I've got a lot of control at the moment, the way I'm shipping it in, and distance control and wedges were good. I was pleased with that. I holed out well.

Q. Can you believe it was ten years ago that you won here? Does it feel like ten years?
LEE WESTWOOD: No, it doesn't. It seems like five minutes. That's how life is, isn't it, when you get to our age. It starts to go quick.

Q. I can't remember what it was like at your age?
LEE WESTWOOD: I'm not going to argue with you.

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