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November 16, 2018

Brittany Lincicome

Naples, Florida

BRITTANY LINCICOME: One little brain fart of hitting it too hard, and then my putting speed was just horrendous coming in. I'm not even sure -- I'm like so mad I'm not even going to go putt. I just want to go home and take a shower and not remember the day.

But under par, so not completely out of it. Would've been nice to have a few-shot lead going into the weekend, but I think I play better coming from behind. I won't be as nervous tomorrow, so might be better.

Q. What was too hard? What shot was that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Well, I four-putted 16 maybe? 15? I was above the hole. I just hit it way too hard, and then I did it again on the par-5.

So I don't know what happened with the speed. I was doing so great all day, and then all of a sudden it was just like small explosions in my putting stroke.

Q. Not to belabor it, but how long was the first putt and how far did you hit it by?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Four feet, and then like six feet. It was further the second time than it was the first time.

Q. You're one of the eight Americans to win on tour this year. How nice is it for the tour, despite its embrace of the national international, for Americans to go to be doing well out here?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, absolutely. Everyone always says we need more American players to do well, but it's not that we're not doing well. It's just this tour is so global and everybody is so darn good. We can't get away with mediocre golf. You have to play your best all the time. It's great for -- obviously I'm American so I root for my American friends all the time.

It's cool to see different players winning all the time. I think it's cool for the tour and for the fans to see different people. Maybe they don't know that player as well, but get to know them a little bit?

Q. Talk about rooting for friends. Fellow Solheim Cup teammate, Lexi, back on top the leaderboard.

Q. Not usually when what we see from her. What's it like just to see her play well?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, I think it's just the end of the year for all of us were we're like, Okay, let's get one more week, let's get this over with. Her brother on the bag, family is all here, boyfriend is here. I think that helps us and helps us to play better, more calm.

We see familiar faces if the crowd. Obviously had a long stretch in Asia and a lot of the family can't go, so it's nice, for me anyway, to see familiar faces in the crowd. You can feed off their energy when they say good shot, let's go, stuff like that.

So I think it helps.

Q. You two are two the longest hitters out here. When you watch her, what do you see?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: It hurts. It looks like it hurts. She takes such a rip at it every time. I love the way she's playing now. I feel like she's learned course management a lot better. When we first were rookies, obviously I was a longer time ago, but it was just grip it, rip, it, hit driver everywhere.

She's learned to kind of reel it back a little bit and maybe not hit the driver always; maybe hit the 3-wood if she's not feeling comfortable. She doesn't need the driver. We hit it far enough that we can hit the 3-wood and still get it down there.

Like Ariya is doing, Jutanugarn. She's learned that and it's cool to see players kind of go through phases of learning themselves and their course management.

Q. And I don't want to get you thinking too far ahead, but just bookend...
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, that would be really cool. I was on my way today, and then maybe I thought about it too much again. Just going to go back. I think my little friend Riley is going to follow me again the next two days. Just kind of look over to her.

You know, I played really well. Just 15 I'm not sure what happened there. I hit the most amazing 5-iron into 17 and just got royally screwed. I mean, it released 35 yards.

Jerry Foltz said Amy's hybrid released like 3. Just kind of bad luck there. I feel like we're still in it. Just need two more good days.

I need to keep driving it well. I didn't drive it as well today. I was hitting the stupid right shot again, which I was doing in Asia, and it's so annoying not being able to hit the draw.

Just need to go back to hitting the draw.

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