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November 16, 2018

Lexi Thompson

Naples, Florida

Q. How about the putter? You look extremely confident, especially over those testers. You've been playing musical chairs with the putter. How do you feel?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I definitely feel very comfortable with it. It was tough. My last tournament I played was in Japan, and those greens were so fast and undulated. Coming to these greens a little bit flatter, but I'm used to the speeds growing up on bermuda grass.

They're rolling so well, so you just have to commit to your lines and just get comfortable with the speed.

Q. I really watched you, especially on 18, the conversation you and your brother were having. Seemed to be a back and forth, but he walked away and looked like he sort of gave you a confidence booster. What's that conversation like when you're out there talking?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's been great. He's so confident. Just before every shot, every putt he's like, All right, just go ahead like you have been the last few days. Put a good swing on it, pound it out there, or hit it close.

He's so confident out there, and that's what I need.

Q. Talked a lot about the up and downs for you this season. How much fun are you having through two rounds?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely having a lot of fun. It's nice to have my brother out here on the bag and just to have all my family and friends out here. This is one of my favorites weeks because I can drive to it, but just to have everybody out here supporting me means the world to me. Playing good or bad, I have my whole family and friends and fans behind me.

Q. Off to a great start here; 67 today. How different were the conditions today compared to yesterday?
LEXI THOMPSON: In the beginning of the round it definitely got a lot windier that's than yesterday, but the course is in great shape. The wind died down a little bit towards the end of the round, which was nice.

You can't ask for better conditions, especially on the golf course. The greens are rolling very pure and just the shape of the golf course, you can't get any better.

Q. You consistently played so well here and come so close last year. I that an extra motivator for you to want to go out there and play well this week?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it has been. This is one of my favorite tournaments just because I can drive to it and I have so much family and friends out here and a lot of fans. It means the world to me just to come here to Naples and play in front of them. Whether I do good or bad, they're always there supporting me, giving my high fives.

That's what makes the game.

Q. Haven't seen you in the a couple weeks. Is Leo one of the new things you've acquired?

Q. Tell us about your little friend here.
LEXI THOMPSON: Bought him about four months ago. He's six months old. He's a Havapoo and he's amazing. No matter what I shoot, this guy is giving my kisses no matter what.

Q. How would you assess that round today? 18 out of 18 greens is pretty stinkin' good.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, thank you. Overall a very good round, just like yesterday's. I gave myself the birdie opportunities I wanted. Wish I would've made a few more, but definitely not complaining with the 5-under round and the finish I had.

It was great conditions. A little windy in the beginning, but ended up being a perfect day out there.

Q. How different was it today versus yesterday with the wind?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was a little bit windier than yesterday. I'm happy yesterday we didn't have to play in the rain at all. The rain kind of stopped right before we teed off, so we got a little bit lucky there.

It was a little bit windier, but right now it actually kind of died towards the end of our round.

We were out there for a while.

Q. How comfortable are you at a place like this?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say I'm very comfortable. Many growing up in Florida, being on a Florida golf course I'm comfortable. Being able to play in front of my family and friends, it bring that comfort in off the golf course. It's very relaxed. We have a lot fun together and just enjoy this time.

Q. What did you hit into 18?
LEXI THOMPSON: 18 I hit a 47 degree; I had 139.

Q. How long was the putt then?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was about four to five feet.

Q. You've taken a little bit of rest this fall. How has that affected you? You feel fresher?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say I'm feeling better. I've been working on a lot of the things, on myself. The break was just needed. I don't play a full schedule like some of the girls do. Just felt like everything that happened a few years ago kind of hit me this year.

I just needed that break away from golf just to be with my family and be refreshed going into the tournaments that I really want to play well in.

Q. The banter with Curtis, is that helping? What's it been like with him out there?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's been great. He's caddied for me a few times before. We always get along so well with each other. Not so much when we were younger, but now we have a great relationship and we're always making jokes with each other. Just keeping it relaxed out there, which is key.

Q. What would a strong finish, memorable finish mean to you?
LEXI THOMPSON: It would mean the world to me. Two rounds down, two more to go. Hopefully good conditions like the last two days. It would mean the world to me to play really well in front of my family and friends.

I'm just going to go out with the same attitude I did the last two days, take one shot at a time, and be confident out there.

Q. It's been a good year for Americans on the tour. Americans have won the most tournaments except for the South Korean players. What's it mean to have the Americans winning a lot of tournaments? Does it mean a lot?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think it's great for the game. Don't get me wrong, no matter where you're from, it's all a matter of what you bring to the table, the talent you bring. This is such a global tour. There are so many girls from so many different countries. It doesn't matter where you're from.

Great to see the Americans out here winning a few more, and hopefully we'll keep on continuing that.

Q. Last thing. You talked yesterday about your ball striking, getting the ball flight maybe back to the way you used to hit it.

Q. Was there something that clicked recently then, and on top of your ball striking how do you feel?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say just overall practicing with it. I've been working on it since Portland, just working on the draw, aiming at the right and hitting my draw. It's a just a matter of the repetition and feeling comfortable aiming at the right because I've always been aiming straight lately, and that's why I've been a little bit struggling with the left and right.

But since Portland I've just become more comfortable with it, and practice it a lot more when I'm home. Just a few key swing thoughts have helped out tremendously. Just being comfortable and confident with it.

Q. You pretty much work on your own, but your dad is your eye and he helps with those things, right?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, he's basically my coach. Him and Curtis. Really my brothers. They're all my coaches. Just because when we're struggling we're always there helping each other out.

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