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November 15, 2018

Brittany Lincicome

Naples, Florida

Q. Very solid round for Brittany Lincicome. Judy Rankin said you are playing happy-go-lucky golf. I'll take it one step further. Looked like extra happy-go-lucky golf. I saw you yesterday. You were so laid back, so loose. What has you in this frame of mind right now?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, it's super funny. I started with playing nine holes in the Annika Pro-Am on Monday with an eight year old girl. Her philosophy was if it gets in the air and it gets on the green, then it's good. It was kind of going back to my eight or ten year old roots.

I played with Caroline in the pro-am yesterday who was a high school superstar. It's just funny how like they play. They play carefree. There is no stress. They're not worried about money or rankings or anything. I really just wanted to go back to my ten year old self, and I think accomplished that?

Q. You are one of those players who feeds off streaks. I looked at your start: five birdies in your first five holes. What kind of motivation does it give you with that sort of start, and did you start thinking about that 59 possibly?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Funny. The first tee shot here is super scary. I told my husband, I was like, Just pray that I hit a good -- I hit it in the fairway. That's all I was asking for. Got it in the fairways. I don't know if one -- I've never gotten to one in regulation before, so I knocked it on the green today, which was super fun.

Hopefully we can do that three more times. That made it a lot more easy to birdie the first hole. Got off to a great start. It was just nice to keep it going. I know myself. I would birdie the first five and par the rest of the holes. I had a lot more birdies in there, so it was really fun.

Q. Are you keeping track of the number of birdies as you go along or do you lose track?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, I didn't really even think about it until maybe like the fifth one in a row. I was like, Oh, yeah, we're doing something great this week, too.

Then I was like, Gosh, I want to make as many birdies as possible obviously so we can donate some money. Yeah, trying not to think about because I know me. If I start -- like she said, the 59 watch, like that wasn't in my head at all until like the 17th hole or the 16 hole. I had a birdie putt on the par-3. I was like, If I birdie this and I eagle the next one and then I maybe...

I'm like, Oh, my God! There is me going into the future. I just need to stay in the present and just have a good time and play like my ten year old self and just not think about it. That's how I play my best. Playing with Nelly and Danielle today, we had a great time. Everyone was laughing. Everyone had a good day today, which was good to keep like the spirits up in our group.

Yeah, so we made a lot birdies. That's fun.

Q. You were talking about channelling your youth.

Q. When is the last time you did that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I feel like closer to my rookie year that was my thing, just to play like my ten year -- because I didn't start playing golf until I was ten -- to play like that, and then I kind of got away from it. Like it's been a while since I've had something to kind of trigger it.

Like I said, I played in this little nine hole thing and this little girl Riley rode around with me. She was just the sassiest little thing as can be. Just her philosophy on golf. She was like, Nobody told me that. She was like, I came up with that by myself. Just if gets in the air and gets on the green -- if it gets in the air and goes straight, that was my thing.

And then I played with this freshman yesterday that's already committed to Florida, Caroline, who was fantastic. She was in the fairway all day. I mean, it was like so easy. I would be like, Aim at that tree. Done.

There is no thinking. Just hit it. Hit it, find it, hit it again.

Q. Did either of them start with five in a row though?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No, but both of them -- the first little girl, she didn't get to play, but Caroline, it was just her and I. I think we won the pro-am maybe yesterday. We were leading when we left because the other three guys didn't really help us. (Laughter.)

If we had had another decent person we could have shot 25-under I think.

Q. So this wasn't Mark Wahlberg inspired?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, he was great. I mean, he obviously is super charitable, so it put us in the mood of giving this week. Obviously CME is wonderful at giving back and donating lots of money throughout the years.

Yeah, it was a great kick start to the week. Dinner on Tuesday was amazing.

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