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November 15, 2018

Jordan Smith

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Very well played, especially the closing holes coming in. What was the thinking after making birdie at 13 and going on that nice little run?
JORDAN SMITH: Well, I just hit a lot of good shots. Struggled -- well, I didn't really struggle but not a lot happened the first day. Then something clicked and everything started going in which was nice.

Q. What clicked or was it just a moment?
JORDAN SMITH: Even the first day tee shots were great and iron shots were great but wasn't quite holing the putts. Managed to find my groove and ended up holing some shots, which was nice.

Q. How sweet was that shot into 18?
JORDAN SMITH: Anything come dry land going into 18 you take and thankfully enough, I had a nice lie in that bunker. I hit the flag and stayed up, and take a four there any day.

Q. What was the approach mentally heading into your position in The Race to Dubai and how has that now changed after this wonderful start?
JORDAN SMITH: I struggled at the start last week but bounced back and ended up finishing tied 21 St. After 5-under in the last round. So I've come in with a lot of confidence and just went out there and didn't have any pressures or anything. Just went out and enjoyed it.

Q. Same scenario for tomorrow after putting yourself in a great position?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, definitely. Go out and same game plan and go out and enjoy it.

Q. Even par through the first 12 and 6-under your final six. What elevated in your game in the final round?
JORDAN SMITH: Putting 100 per cent. Hit a lot of good shots on that front nine. Just couldn't quite find the hole. Hit a lot of good putts, all burning the edge and then something clicked on that back nine and they started going in.

Q. When you open up with a number like this, what sense of optimism, what mind-set does that put you in for the rest of this tournament?
JORDAN SMITH: I think you can just take a lot of confidence into the next few days. Me being 44th in The Race to Dubai, I can go out and go for it, not too much pressure. Just enjoy it, enjoy the next few days and carry on with the same play that I had today.

Q. You had a great year last year and first half of this year, not so good, but you made eight cuts in a row and finished third in England. Where would you say you are right now with your game?
JORDAN SMITH: It's very close to my best. The first half of the year, I came out after a good year last year, just put too much pressure on myself, expecting too much rather than going out and just enjoying it and letting what happens, happen, which is what I've been doing the last couple of months which has been working. It's been nice to finish the year on a high.

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