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July 20, 2003

Francesca Schiavone


MODERATOR: First question.

Q. You played such a competitively good match. What happened after you didn't get to break back in the second set and went into that third set? What was the difference?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, Chanda played very, very good, I think. And when you play with a great player, she play always like level nine; eight, nine, so... And I played eleven, sometimes eight. But if you play seven, like this, is very tough to beat them. And in the third set, she didn't mistake a lot of balls, and I didn't play -- I didn't serve very well. But I played every point, point on the point on the point, every point.

Q. In that second set, you thought you were going to win, did you ever?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yeah. For me, from the start, I know that I can beat a lot of players, also Chanda. But until the last point, you never know. Chanda, sorry...(speaking to Chanda Rubin at the back of the room) I have a question for you. I am a new journalist from Sport Week Magazine.

CHANDA RUBIN: That's scary, no... (laughing).

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: There is a possibility to beat these players, but she's mental very continuous. And I need to improve also this one, and in the future will be very tough for them to beat me.

Q. How important was her breaking your serve at the beginning of the third set?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Very important. In the deuce, 4-all deuce, I play double-fault. But I think that was ace the first serve - I think. And when you lose just some, a little concentration, and I played double-fault, and after she played good speed against me, and I lost that game. But we were very near with the points and with the play also.

Q. Do you think you kind of lost concentration for a little bit toward the beginning of the third set, and that's kind of where she just went on a roll?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yes. In the third set, it was I think different concentration, kind of mind of concentration. I need to improve that. But it's okay.

Q. After a fantastic first set that you and Chanda played, what did that do for the morale both for yourself and the Italian team at that point, coming in down 2-0, knowing you had to win all three matches, you won the first set? It seemed like the Italian bench was lively after that second set. How did that affect the morale of not only yourself but the teammates and captain?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Did you ask for the point? I fight very good from the start - sorry, huh? You speak...(speaking very fast). No, for me, this point for Italy was very important. I start with the good confidence after the first set. I watched my team, and they were really excited. Me too, huh? Also the captain. We believe in what I played. But also when I lost the second set, I believe in my chance until the last point, really. And is not bad luck, but I try to do my best to have this point because I love play Fed Cup, and I think that everybody, when you play for your country, you are excited, your heart go, and is very nice. I don't know if you can play one time in your life for your country, but I hope that you can feel this emotion. Okay? (Smiling.)

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