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November 13, 2018

Patrick Reed

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. How much do you look forward to the DP World Tour Championship?
PATRICK REED: Always look forward to it. Being the last event of the season and being here means you played some pretty solid golf throughout the year to get to this point.

And there's nothing like coming over here and playing in this golf tournament, especially when back home it's 40, 45 degrees, rainy and blowing sideways. To be able to come and get to some nice heat during Christmastime, it's always nice.

Q. You shot a 65 to open this tournament last year. What's the key to shooting low around this golf course?
PATRICK REED: The greens are so pure, you've got to putt well. But at the same time, you know, if you're hitting the ball solid and give yourself a lot of opportunities, you can really attack this golf course. Because the main thing is you're going to hit probably a decent amount of greens because the greens are rather large, but if you can hit some solid golf shots, you can use a lot of slopes and get the ball close and from there the putter just needs to wake up.

Q. The wind swirls, as well, and that can change the dynamic of the golf course if the wind does pick up over the next four days.
PATRICK REED: Oh, for sure. You know, this place, when the wind lies down, you can really attack this golf course. But when the wind starts to blow, there's a lot of factors you have to take in consideration, not just golf shots, but putting and just kind of all these run-offs. The ball, if it's going downwind, downhill, the ball just won't stop.

Q. You tied seventh in Shanghai and bring some good form into this tournament.
PATRICK REED: I feel like the golf game is where it needs to be. Just can't wait to get out there Thursday and get started, and hopefully get off to a hot start and have a chance come late Sunday.

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