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November 12, 2018

Oliver Marach

Mate Pavic

London, England, United Kingdom


6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you feel any pain today?
MATE PAVIC: No, everything is good. I just didn't serve, let's say, from Paris. Just had a couple of days ago slowly by slowly just getting into it.

Was just a strange feeling, I would say. Just a little bit more in the head than I actually felt something. I was okay. After this match, there's no problem with it.

Q. Your opponent, Mahut, suffered a painful looking fall in the first set. Were you surprised he was able to carry on?
MATE PAVIC: Well, yeah, I mean, they called two medicals. Honestly looked like it in the beginning. Later on, I mean, on some moments looked like he cannot barely walk, other moments he was playing normal.

I don't know how much of a pain he really felt or not. I don't know. Honestly, they played normal. By the end of the match, they broke back. He was fine.

Yeah, some moments he was maybe more acting than actually he felt pain because I felt they were fine completely.

Q. Was there a little bit a déjà vu of the French Open final?
OLIVER MARACH: Well, it's a different surface. Déjà vu? Yeah. We are happy we won it today. For sure, one team we lost twice this year. It's a very tough team when they really play well. They're tough to beat.

We played today very solid, I have to say. We had a great start. We served both very well. We returned very well. Yeah, at the end it was tighter. When the break got back, energy dropped a little bit for me. It's not easy.

But we fight good back in the tiebreaker, played some good points. I think we deserved to win that match today.

Q. Back to the fall. Those blocks, their placement on the court, are they dangerous for players?
OLIVER MARACH: No. I think for me it's a way from the lines. If he runs back there, I mean, you know you have the blocks also. It's unlucky what happened. If the block would be from the baseline two meters away, then I would tell you, Okay, it's dangerous.

This is the block in every tournament you have. The linesmen are there sitting. Especially here, a big center court, four or five meters around that.

It was unlucky it was on the lob. He couldn't look down and it happened. I think it's not an issue.

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