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November 11, 2018

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

London, England, United Kingdom


7-6, 4-6, 10-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was your verdict on that match?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think we did really well to win. It was a battle from the first game. Obviously I lost my serve so immediately we were kind of under the pump a bit. We had a few chances at the start of the match, as well, to break back.

Then, you know, we hung in there and we got, what, I guess a bit lucky because it's 5-4, 30-Love. The guy was serving great. All of a sudden a couple of double-faults creep in, Bruno hits a good return, all of a sudden it's 5-All.

I thought we competed really well, especially in both the tiebreaks, played a lot of good tennis when we really needed it. Yeah, really happy to win the first match. Like, it's a big advantage to do that, obviously.

Q. Any nerves at the beginning kicking off the tournament?
JAMIE MURRAY: Not really. I felt pretty good. I practiced good most of the week. I was ready to play. But, I mean, I guess everyone is a bit more on edge first match of the tournament. No one wants to lose the first match, so there's that sort of element to it.

I think pretty much all the match we were playing a good level, playing good rallies. Those guys, too. Thought it was a great start to the tournament.

Q. You got your composure after the racquet incident?
JAMIE MURRAY: I guess so, yeah. I think, yeah, it was like 5-4, 30-All. It might have been our only chance. Second serve, to not put it in the court is really stupid. But it's tennis, isn't it?

Q. Bruno, what was your take on it?
BRUNO SOARES: Yeah, I think, kind of like Jamie said, was a battle from the beginning. Lost serve in first game. I think best thing what we did was competing well the whole match. It's not easy to play. I was a bit on and off with my returns. Some games was feeling good, all of a sudden missing a lot.

Second set, same thing, started down a break, broke back. But I think the most important thing for us was finishing strong the match. I think we played a really good breaker. I think we come out of the match with a very good feel after that.

Q. Different subject, Jamie. We saw the pictures of Roger and singles players getting on the Tube. We've written about you'll happily drag your racquet bag around London. Surprised to see the others?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I'm sure if they had their choice, probably wouldn't be their first choice (smiling). That's what the tour did, which is cool.

To be honest, I didn't actually speak to the guys that evening to see how it was. But whatever. We did it. I mean, I don't know, for me it's just a normal part of living in London, isn't it? You just take public transport to get around because the traffic is a bit of a disaster.

For me, it's just normal. I'm sure for Federer to go on the Tube, that's probably a pretty unique thing, by bet.

Q. Are you coming by Tube here this week?
JAMIE MURRAY: If I stay at home, yeah, I take the Tube. Door-to-door is like 40 minutes easily.

Q. Jamie, you've had the name on the back of your shirt. I've not seen that before. Why?
JAMIE MURRAY: Doing it in the summer. Obviously can't do it in the Grand Slams. The ATP events in summer, I just like it. I think it's a way -- I don't think it's fair if everyone is doing it. Fair if Bruno is doing it, as well.

BRUNO SOARES: He's Jamie, I'm the other guy (smiling).

JAMIE MURRAY: Exactly, yeah.

BRUNO SOARES: I was going to put it, they wouldn't allow me (smiling).

JAIME MURRAY: I think it's good for the guys to promote themselves. The tour has tried before, but the problem is guys change shirts often, you know, manufacturers, and season. It's kind of difficult to keep it up unless you do it yourself, which obviously I've done.

Q. Trying to break the record for the number of logos on your shirt, Bruno?
BRUNO SOARES: I hope. I really hope so. Got to pay the bills. I have two kids, family. Expensive life (smiling).

Q. How important is it to win the first match in this tournament? You play the winners next game.
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, we lost our first match last year, then, you know, I mean, obviously we knew what we had to do at that stage to win our next two matches. We were able to do that.

But obviously it's a lot better feeling having won your first match, you're in the tournament. So, yeah, I mean, we're obviously really happy to win. I mean, we obviously look forward to the next match. We know if we win the next match, we have a good chance to qualify.

Q. I think the only teams that have been here in 2018, 2017, you and Herbert-Mahut. Does it get more comfortable coming back three times? Do you think it helps?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think we know what to expect obviously. I mean, I think everyone here that's in the doubles draw is excited to be here, aren't they? Everyone wants to get out there, play well. We've said all week, it's a great platform for our event, to show what we can do, how exciting doubles can be.

You know, the doubles game is open. A lot of teams winning big tournaments. No one always really sort of like dominating, not like the Bryans used to do a few years ago.

So, you know, it is really open. Like the two alternates this week, they're the last three winners of this event, and they didn't qualify. Neither of them qualified this year.

It shows the level is high, but also that it's very close.

Q. Andy and your mum going to come this week to support you?
JAMIE MURRAY: My mum is coming, yes. She's arriving tomorrow. Andy, I don't know, I don't know what his plans are.

BRUNO SOARES: They don't talk (laughter).

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