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November 11, 2018

Li Haotong

Sun City, South Africa

Q. You shot 64 in the final round here last year to finish fourth, a 65 today. What is it about Nedbank Sundays?
LI HAOTONG: Well, I guess I love Sundays for sure, and except last week, but it is a really, really great round for me.

Q. Last Sunday you lost in a playoff, but this is your fifth Top-10 in a row. Have you ever had a spell where your game has felt better this consistently?
LI HAOTONG: This way, my score is like 7-under, could have been way better than that because that last six holes in the last three days have been a nightmare for me, cost me like 12 shots or something.

Today, as soon as I make birdie on 10, I just tell myself, please concentrate on the last few holes, which I did. And also on 15, 16, 17, missed three really good birdie chance. But at this point, I make a nice par putt on the last which made me feel better than last week.

Q. This tournament looks like it could come down to the wire. How difficult is it to make three pars to win here? Those last three holes are difficult.
LI HAOTONG: It is. It's a course, I'm not going to call difficult. I'm going to call tricky. Sometimes you can be off the fairway a little bit, you get a flyer lie, hit 9-iron and go over the green by 20 yards, those kind of things. I got that a lot in the last three days. But today, I put everything in the fairway, so I'm fine.

Q. A 64 to finish off here last year, a 65 today, bogey-free. Your reaction on 18 I think said it all.
LI HAOTONG: It is, it's one of the great rounds of the year actually, especially compared to last week, it is a really good bounce back. I think I'm in good shape. Looking forward to Dubai.

The last few holes cost me 12 shots the last three days. Today as soon as I make a birdie on hole No. 10, I just tell myself, concentrate on those holes, which I did, putting the ball in the fairway and making the putts, even though the last four holes didn't make anything. But at least I tried. I put a really lovely roll down there.

Q. How much are you looking forward to Dubai next week?
LI HAOTONG: It's very good. I think bring a lot of confidence into Dubai. I think if I play my best out there, I can beat everyone.

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