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November 11, 2018

Rory McIlroy

Sun City, South Africa

Q. How would you assess your week?
RORY McILROY: On the golf course, I feel like the 7 at the third sort of summed up the week. It was a good shot but I had a flyer out of the rough and then at altitude it's so hard to control. The margin for error on this golf course is so small. If you get it off-line you're in a bush, and then I start messing around in the bushes and end up taking 7.

I battled back well. Got myself to 2-under for the day and then, yeah, the last, I got a bit of a dodgey lie at the back of the green and just didn't get it on.

There are signs of good stuff in there. It's the same as China a couple weeks ago. There's signs of good stuff. There's just a lot of mistakes.

But again, I'm going to a golf course next week that I've had so much success on. If there's any golf course or any place in the world where I can get a bit of confidence from, it's Dubai. I've won there four times and I've won there twice, and I'm very familiar with the place. Looking forward to it.

Q. And then overall, great week?
RORY McILROY: Unbelievable. It's an unbelievable week. You know, I keep saying one of the advantages the European Tour has over anywhere else is the fact that you go to places like this and you can experience things that you don't experience anywhere else in the world. There's not many where you're having to shut your windows because of baboons at nighttime.

It's fantastic. It's a great week. It's a great country. I feel like everyone is very appreciative when you come down here to play and it was great to play in front of them.

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