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November 11, 2018

Matt Wallace

Sun City, South Africa

Q. You saved the best till last with a final round of 67. How pleased with your day's work?
MATT WALLACE: Very happy. Very happy with the week's work, as well. It was tough out there. As I said before in our interview, probably the worst warmup I've had all week and shot the best score. Very pleased.

Q. You told me last week you were working on trying to finish off tournaments you couldn't actually win, having the energy. How pleased with what you've done this week, exactly that.
MATT WALLACE: I think I came into this week with a different mind-set. I had a long chat with my team and with Dave, and I came into this week not trying to win, which sounds crazy, which I've done before. But all the times I've actually won this year, I haven't gone in trying to win it. I've gone in trying to set myself in position and finish the job off. This week I was too far away really, but I managed to get the job done today which is what I wanted to do.

Q. You're off to the DP World for the first time. How excited about that in this form?
MATT WALLACE: Super excited. Dave says it will be perfect for my game, drive it long and straight and loads of chances. Looking forward to Dubai.

Q. 2-over par last year through four rounds. 7-under this year and you saved the best till last.
MATT WALLACE: Really happy with my week's work. I felt if I could have holed that putt at the last, it would have felt like a win this week. But to come off and finish roundabout fifth or sixth or whatever it's going to be, super happy with this week.

Q. Has this been a frustrating round to start with, because it's a complicated golf course with so many different scenarios.
MATT WALLACE: It's a hard golf course. I've asked numerous caddies, and they say it's the hardest we play by a mile. Nicolas Colsaerts, he hit the same club I did, and he's maybe five yards longer than I am, but he's flown the tree which is four yards off the green. That's nothing to do with him. That's just the wind that happens.

It's mental out there. It's a tough week, and to come out the way I did, to shoot 5-under today, I'm really happy.

Q. How exciting to go on safari and take in some of the atmosphere around the golf tournament?
MATT WALLACE: It's brilliant. I love South Africa. I love coming here. I'm probably going to be coming back the end of the year at some point and probably going to spend Christmas in Cape Town. I absolutely love South Africa, the food, the weather, obviously the wildlife here. It's fantastic.

This golf course is tough but I like the challenge and I like seeing how I can compete on these hard courses.

Q. Playing in the DP World for the first time next week, taking good form in. How excited are you about what lies ahead?
MATT WALLACE: Super excited. I've never played the golf course or in practise. Excited to get there and see what it's like. Dave, my caddie, says it suits my game. Drive it long and straight, and you'll have lots of chances.

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