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November 11, 2018

Lee Westwood

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Four years since your last victory on The European Tour. Can you explain how you're feeling after that final round 64?
LEE WESTWOOD: Not really. Pretty emotional. A little bit relieved. Still got it, I guess. Just nice to do it again under pressure and win against a couple of quality players at the end there, Sergio and Louis were my two nearest challengers. To hit the shots I hit down the stretch, it was just nice to prove it to yourself every now and again.

Q. You started with an eagle early on, and nice to wipe a couple shots off the lead.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, it's not such an easy golf course when the wind is in the direction it was and it was swirling as the day went on. I made a nice par on 1, and a great 3-wood on 2 to about three feet. Then made a lovely par at 3 and then just steadied off and gave myself birdie chances pretty much all the way around. It was essential to get off to a quick start and put a bit of pressure on Sergio.

Q. Talk about the tee shot on 17.
LEE WESTWOOD: I hit great shots all the way in. I came off it a little bit off the 17th tee and slid it out to the right. But it gave me a good number in with a 7-iron, and the wind managed to stay in the right direction for long enough. Just turned it in off the TV tower to ten feet and rolled the putt in. I can't wait to watch the highlights to be honest because I hit so many good shots coming in.

Q. You've had your partner Helen on the bag this week. How special being able to share it with her?
LEE WESTWOOD: It's been brilliant. She's caddied twice for me this year and we lost in a playoff in Denmark and we've won here. Have to have a bit of a rethink, not least about who caddies for me, but our percentages.

Q. You're the latest winner of one of the big Rolex Series Events. Having been on Tour such a long time, you must have been delighted with the initiative when Rolex came on board.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, they are incredible for the Tour and a great sponsor.

You know, really sickened me that I kept getting off the first tee and everybody had gold bibs and I didn't have one. I was thinking, it's time you won one of these things. You need a gold bib on your caddie.

Yeah, it's nice to win one, and they are great sponsors and you know, obviously they put a lot of money into the Tour and without people like Rolex, the players wouldn't have the vast fortunes to play for that they do.

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