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November 9, 2018

Lee Westwood

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Seven birdies and a 69. How do you reflect on your days work?
LEE WESTWOOD: I played pretty well again. Hit a couple of good shots and a couple of poor ones off-line and you don't need to be far off-line around here to find yourself in some trouble.

Pretty pleased with 69. Any time you break 70 around here, you walk off feeling very happy.

Q. When did you first come here, and what's the most important thing you've learnt about this place over the years?
LEE WESTWOOD: I came for Dimension Data in 1995, and then the first one of these was '98, so 20 years ago.

You really need to hit a lot of fairways around here to score well. There were more variables around this golf course with heat, breeze, altitude, flyers out of the rough; if you can take as many of them out of the equation as possible, there are certain places you don't want to miss greens. You've got to allow for bounces in certain places and some flags you don't aim at; you go to the middle of the greens.

So a lot of patience and a lot of accuracy, and that starts off by hitting fairways because you can't be accurate with the iron shots unless you're coming out of the fairways.

Q. Clearly coming here as long as you have, we all know you're not 25 anymore; you're 45. How do you look at this phase of your career? Some guys are winding down and some want to kick on.
LEE WESTWOOD: Just enjoying it, really. There's no pressure on me. I'm exempt for as long as I need to be exempt. You know, don't worry too much about the money anymore. Just enjoying playing golf and still competing at 45.

You know there are some kids out here that -- my brother wasn't born when I teed it up at Sun City first time. There's no doubt, you do get a little bit shorter, but I still hit it a long way. There are some lads out here, they dedicate their whole lives to golf, whereas I'm 45 right now and I can't do that with other commitments.

Q. A round of 69, looked like you were hitting it well and then the odd shot that can get away from you on this golf course.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, a poor drive off 15, but I hit a lot of good shots until then. My short game was pretty sharp and putted nicely, as well. That's how this place is. If you hit it off-line, you're going to find yourself in trouble, and it usually leads to a double.

Q. Do you have to plot your way around this golf course a little bit more than others maybe?
LEE WESTWOOD: Very much. So I think you have to make a plan. You can make a plan before you go and play the golf course but it changes with the breeze because the breeze can change two or three times over every shot.

So you've really got to be on your guard and focus and concentrating out there all the time, which is never that easy. Especially when it starts to get really hot out here, your mind starts to wander.

Q. Is the golf course where you can go and chase down the lead?
LEE WESTWOOD: It's the kind of golf course where no lead is big enough. I don't know about chasing down a lead. I've shot 623 around here and you can hit a low one. You start hitting it off-line, you can shoot 78 very quickly on this golf course.

Q. You've been coming here for a number of years. Does it still give you the "wow" factor out on the golf course?
LEE WESTWOOD: Not many places you stand on the fourth tee and you can see an elephant. Need I say more.

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