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November 9, 2018

Thomas Detry

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Thomas, a 3-over par 75 yesterday, 6-under after seven today and a round in 66. What was the difference in your play?
THOMAS DETRY: A bit of a shame at the end but very happy with my day today. 6-under on a course like this, it's very good.

I think the main difference was just I holed a few good putts there to start with, and I played lovely golf yesterday, and just two costly mistakes. One triple-bogey, one double-bogey. Overall, not really a big difference.

Q. What's going through your mind with such a hot start?
THOMAS DETRY: I saw what Sergio was doing yesterday, and 6-under after seven, I thought, this doesn't seem that hard to do.

The course is hard. There's wind, rough, trouble out here everywhere, so I'm very pleased with the way I played. I hit a lot of greens and fairways and that's what I have to do for the next two days.

Q. First time out this championship, what's your impression of it?
THOMAS DETRY: Everything out here is just beautiful. The course is fantastic, great field. Everything is great out here. I love South Africa and it's a great championship, so I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. A 75 yesterday and slow start but you got off to a fantastic start, 6-under through seven holes.
THOMAS DETRY: I was playing great golf yesterday, and two costly mistakes cost me, a double-bogey and a triple-bogey. I got off to a good start and I knew I was playing well, and I made some good putts there early in the round and that got me going.

It's a little shame to finish like that, but very happy with my day. I think 6-under today, I would have signed for it right away I think.

Q. You mentioned the triple-bogey on 15 yesterday and we had a couple nines out there today. There are multiple bogeys out there on some of those holes?
THOMAS DETRY: Nicolas Colsaerts warned me this week, he said, you'll see this course, and it's true, it just happens so quickly. You've got gorse bushes right and left, the wind swirls and you have flyer lies. You have to be careful. The best way to score out here is to hit fairways, safe lies, and that's the best way to do it.

Q. First time playing a golf course like this, how important were the practise rounds this week and what were your first impressions when you stepped out there for the first time?
THOMAS DETRY: You know, there's a lot of tricky parts. I think what's really important out here is being able to read the lies around the greens, because there's a lot of tricky chips around here and on the fairways, as well.

If you are able to read the lies and know exactly how the ball is going to come out, and then be patient and wait for the wind to drop whenever it swirls around, so that's the key out here and that's what we try to do during practise rounds during the last two days.

Q. The overall experience, some fantastic sights out there on the golf course. Can you enjoy that while you're playing and try to focus on putting in a good score?
THOMAS DETRY: Sometimes you hear a few bushes moving, so I'm not sure if I want to go out there, but definitely enjoying myself. A few monkeys out there and a few -- I don't even know what kind of animals they were, but we saw a lot of activity around us and that's fun to watch.

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