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November 9, 2018

Branden Grace

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Going through the round today, I'm sure moments of happiness in the round and moments where you're pretty disappointed.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, I played actually pretty well. I hit the ball pretty good tee-to-green. A couple of bad calls, a couple of bad calls and a couple of bad wind from Zach and things like that and that's costly around a place like this. But I also missed three putts inside three or four feet and that's pretty costly around here. That can turn a great round into an average round like it did at the end of the day.

Still 1-under par. Never a nice feeling finishing with a bogey, especially when you drove it in the middle of the fairway and had a 7-iron in which I had. But I'm still in there.

Hopefully get off to a good start tomorrow and hopefully have a nice low one, and then get myself back in the tournament.

Q. You know how quickly things can change around here, don't you?
BRANDEN GRACE: Definitely. If you look at the guys, Sergio was 11-under through the first few holes and he's only 10-under now. The thing about this golf course, you can't get ahead of yourself. You have to stay patient and try to make those birdies when they come your way.

You can't lose concentration. I lost concentration once or twice out there and it cost me two or three shots. That's the thing about this golf course, you have to stay on top of it every step of the way.

It's just those silly mistakes. I actually thought I hit -- 18 I thought I hit a good putt. Obviously didn't have the right line. The first putt on the 11th, maybe again hit a good putt but didn't have the right line.

So it's not really that I'm putting bad strokes on it. It just wasn't going in today. But, again I made a couple of nice birdie putts and a couple of nice tricky putts. I actually thought I hit it closer today than I did yesterday, but a lot of the putts I had was big, swinging putts.

So it's really hard to really commit to a line when things turn maybe a cup or more. I just have to get to the putting green a little bit later and work on some stuff.

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