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November 8, 2018

Salma Khatun

Georgetown, Guyana

Q. Salma, last few months have been an up and down way. What's that journey been like?
SALMA KHATUN: (Through translation.) Yes, we have done well in the Asia Cup, and especially winning twice against India was very critical. I'm a bit concerned about the last series against Pakistan, but since then we have come here in the West Indies a week ahead of the tournament, and so far seem to be in good form.

Hoping to do well in the World Cup.

Q. Are you happy with how the team has done in the warmups? What are you learning from the warmups?
SALMA KHATUN: (Through translation.) On average I'm happy. I think that we have acclimatized with the condition with the wickets and now ready for the World Cup.

In respect of the results, I'm happy.

Q. The recent FICA survey about women's cricket that they put together had Australia as the only professional team in the world, India and England semi-professional, and everyone else in this pool sort of a little bit better than amateur. So for Bangladesh and all the other teams, do you worry about the gap widening with some countries having a more professional system and setup?
SALMA KHATUN: (Through translation.) I think that the team that has the courage to play well can play against any team. I do accept the fact that some teams are better. On a given day, even team like Bangladesh can create some disturbances to any the team.

I'm very positive about it and don't consider the so-called big teams as much different from us.

Q. Does your success or did your success against India help with that feeling of confidence? Also, do you feel that like your achievement in the Asia Cup and if you do well here that actually helps in Bangladesh and you getting more support, training facilities, better contracts for players?
SALMA KHATUN: (Through translation.) Yeah, I think that India is really a good sign, and had to play at their best to win against them. I'm also certain that the fact that there will be lots of support from the government, from the general people, if they do well.

There is already a lot of support, but it will enhance, it will increase, if we do really well in the World Cup.

Q. Last one from my side. The playing conditions have changed last year. Do you think that's made it easier considering the margin for error for batting sides is more? In emerging teams batting is generally the weaker suit. So considering that, do you think it's made it easier for emerging teams to compete with the other teams?
SALMA KHATUN: (Through translation.) I think it's okay. It's safe for each and every team, and all teams are more or less the same similar strength over here. There may be some of the favorites, but there is not much difference between teams and the rules won't make much difference -- to us at least.

Q. There has been a lot of talk about the conditions here being quite low and slow generally, perhaps favoring some of the Asian teams as well. When you take on some of the other teams, the non-Asian teams, will you try and exploit that? Does that give you an advantage when you're playing those teams that don't play on these kinds of pitches very often?
SALMA KHATUN: (Through translation.) It will definitely come a bit, not too much, to our advantage since the condition is similar to the subcontinental wickets and all that.

But still I think that even other teams which are not subcontinental teams are also prepared, and surely they have had preparations of this kind. They'll come prepared, yeah.

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