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November 8, 2018

Javeria Khan

Georgetown, Guyana

Q. What's the feeling like?
JAVERIA KHAN: Well, it's great. Captaining this side is not easy. You have to keep yourself calm also, and you have to keep the girls in a good mindset.

So it's not easy but enjoying this moment and looking forward to this World Cup.

Q. How has it been balancing your own personal game along with captaincy duties?
JAVERIA KHAN: It's not much of a difference, because it tests your mental toughness, and I have not had this problem. It's the management who has made workload quite easy and giving everyone their roles to apply. So it's not this difficult to manage both at the same time.

Q. You've been one of the most successful batters for Pakistan in recent times. Have you worked on anything special in your game to be able to play this tournament and play this more power game?
JAVERIA KHAN: Everyone discloses this moment because it's not right to disclose. I've worked really hard on my game and will try to be consistent and help the team win as matches as I can.

Q. At the moment, I'm sure you've read the FICA report on to women's playing conditions and pay around the world. Do you ever worry that the gap may widen with Australia being the professional country and then India and England semi-professional, everyone else is in this other pool? And does a tournament like this give you the opportunity to make some progress and make an impression back home?
JAVERIA KHAN: Well, we have been always saying that we need more matches with the top teams because it helps us to grow a bit quicker, because when you play teams better than us, it helps you grow a bit faster. So these these kinds of tournaments give girls exposure to come forward on the bigger platform. So every girl is quite keen to play on this platform and grabbing the opportunity to play in front of the whole world.

Q. Is it hard, though, to look at countries who have much more resources than you have?
JAVERIA KHAN: Of course it's hard. But it's international cricket. And you can't cry on this fact. And you have to move on. So as professional players, you have to go through very difficult times and when it's not there, you have to move forward and give results.

And of course if you give results, then definitely we'll get more matches like that.

Q. Is T20 the format where you can cause more upsets if you have those match winners in your teams, more than 50-over cricket, because there's so much that can ride on small things?
JAVERIA KHAN: We have a young team and there is quite a lot of spark in the team. And as you said, T20 is a game where anyone can win a match day on a day. Whoever plays good cricket can win a match. You have to apply your skills to do your best. If you apply your skills, do your best, then if process is good then results will follow the process.

Q. Last world T20 the win against India really picked up the mood in Pakistan. Are you guys trying to do something like that again and take it to another level this time?
JAVERIA KHAN: You're talking about against India?

Q. In general, in the world theme.
JAVERIA KHAN: Of course every team plays. Takes every match to win it. And we'll take every match one by one and we'll try to give our best and play good cricket, because this management has instilled in our mind if you played good cricket then we don't -- then we worry about the results. We are just focusing on playing good cricket and definitely as I said that if you play good cricket then we shouldn't be worried about the result.

Q. Is there special excitement, though, the opportunity to play India in a big tournament like this?
JAVERIA KHAN: Of course, the girls are really excited to play amongst the best teams and expressed their talent because our matches are not being televised like this. So it's good exposure for the girls and everyone wants to showcase their talent in front of the whole world. So every girl is excited plus positive to play in this tournament.

Q. How important is like Bismah coming back for this tournament?
JAVERIA KHAN: Bismah is a very important player for us, and she being here gives the confidence to our team because she is a multitalented player. She can field, she can bowl. She can bat. So her experience is really important for us because there is no replacement of experience. So she coming to the side helps younger girls also and they feel more confident.

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