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November 8, 2018

Andy Sullivan

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Didn't get off to the best start but plenty of birdies, particularly three in a row starting your back nine.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I didn't play that great the whole way around but got on a nice little run through so, 11, 12, holed the bunker shot on 11. When this course is giving out a little bit like that, you take it. It was good. Happy about it.

Q. You got off to a poor start last year, and that just shows you how difficult the golf course can be depending on the weather conditions. Nice to build a solid base on a Thursday?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's not one of them golf courses you really want to go chasing around, you know what I mean. As soon as you start chasing it around here, you find yourself coming up short. Get off to a solid start, get your base going, and take your chances when you can instead of being in full attack mode.

It was pretty good today. Didn't play my best. Felt like I was getting lapped at times by Sergio the way he was playing, but it was good.

Q. All three guys in your group, Charl and Sergio, all playing well. Do you feed off that positivity when you're out as a three-ball?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely. You see a lot of good shots and you feel like you're going to follow it in and you see the putts going in, early, as well, and you do feed off that. It was nice to see the boys playing well, and just need off it and keep it going, as well.

Q. Eight Top-10s this year. How nice would it be to finish the season strongly coming towards Dubai?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. Probably the hardest I've worked all year for a long time, this, and not quite got the results I wanted. Even though it's a lot of consistent results, it would be nice to get one on the business end and try and finish one off. Hopefully Sergio slows down a little bit and we can get somewhere near him. Really happy today to be fair.

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