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November 8, 2018

Mike Lorenzo-vera

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Happy with your start to this tournament?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Bogey-free, and the long game was proper consistent. Very happy the way I've been hitting the ball today was really a good performance.

Q. This is one of those golf courses you have to plot your way around, and a lot you have to take into account, not having dropped a shot, must be one of the most pleasing factors.
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Yeah, I've been working really hard on my swing like the last three, four days, even in Turkey, I was out of the tournament. I searched for something that can make me hit the driver good, and I think I found it. Managed to hit good off the tee here and makes it easier if you come from the fairway.

Q. It's been a good year for you so far. How much are you looking forward to the rest of this week and Dubai next week?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Yeah, I'm really enjoying because I feel that I'm playing good. It's not far from having a really, really strong week soon. So yeah, looking forward to what's coming.

Q. The overall experience of being here at Sun City and South Africa, it's a lot of distractions, but how much can you enjoy the week as well as playing serious golf?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Well, you have to be serious because the course wants you to be serious. I have fun on the plane going to Dubai. Every time, it's a great moment to be in South Africa. The courses are fantastic every time and the quality is great.

Here, I was talking on the course yesterday, see some elephants, see some zebras today. It's something you don't see often. It's nice, just pure pleasure.

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