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March 24, 1999

Barbara Schett


MIKE BROEKER: Questions in English first for Barbara?

Q. You must be pretty disappointed given you played her well in the past.

BARBARA SCHETT: Yes, I think so, too. I think I never found my rhythm today and I really expected that it was going to be a tougher match than just being out on the court for 45 minutes or something like that. So maybe I wanted it too much today and, as I said, I never found my rhythm today, especially my serve was really bad, and without a serve you can't beat the No. 1, for sure.

Q. How do you think she's playing?

BARBARA SCHETT: Well, she didn't have to do too much today. I think I missed a lot of shots and she's playing very consistently, I think, as always. I give her a good chance to win the tournament.

Q. Were you nervous today?

BARBARA SCHETT: No, not at all. I was really -- when I was warming up, I really was feeling good and I was happy to play against her today. I was feeling really great. But when I was out on the court, I just didn't feel the ball anymore. I had no rhythm at all.

Q. Barbara, where do you go from here?

BARBARA SCHETT: To Hilton Head. I'm starting tomorrow practicing on clay, and Friday we are going to go to Hilton Head.

Q. Having come so close to beating her before, do you think that maybe that you got a little bit -- you were expecting a little bit too much?

BARBARA SCHETT: Yes, I think that was the problem today. I really stepped out on the court and thought I'm going to beat her today and I wanted it a little bit too much, I think. When I think about Sydney, I was going out on the court and thought I'm going to lose, and I was really relaxed, then I almost beat her. And today I was exactly the opposite side and I'll never do that again, I think, to go out on the court and be sure that I'll beat someone.

Q. At what point did you think that this wasn't really going to be your day at all?

BARBARA SCHETT: Actually already after the second game I thought it. Yes, I didn't -- I never felt that I have my rhythm and with the serve, I really tried in the second set again. I thought it is a new start, just give it a try, but I never felt right. I was missing so much and it was not my day. It happens in tennis. That's why it's so interesting, I think.

Q. Who do you think is going to win this tournament?

BARBARA SCHETT: Well, that's a difficult question. I think Martina has definitely a very good chance, but there is Lindsay and Serena, Venus and Steffi, so I really -- it's hard to say. It is going to be very interesting. I think nobody can say who is going to win this tournament.

MIKE BROEKER: Last question, please.

Q. What does she do out there that made it so difficult to play today?

BARBARA SCHETT: Well, she didn't do -- she didn't have to do too much, I think. She was just not missing. I think she was -- it was me. I made too many mistakes. She didn't have to do too much, I think, today. That was the problem.

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