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November 8, 2018

Moriya Jutanugarn

Hainan Island, China

Q. Well played today. You have got the measure of some of the putts around here. You have holed two enormous putts over the last couple of days.
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Yeah, it's got to be lucky. You know, like some of the (indiscernible.) Yeah, it's got to be like lucky putt, too.

Q. Well, you're playing very well. You're also striking your irons exceptionally well. Did you think you had a chance on 17? You hit it so close par 3.
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: To be honest I can't really see it and you thought it went over, but when you walk up and it's getting pretty closer it's just making your exciting.

Q. Your sister Ariya just hit it to within the same distance a few moments ago?
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Oh, really? So she probably trying to beat me and I trying to beat her.

Q. Your sister once against finds herself at the top of the leaderboard. What have you got to do to nobble her the next couple of days?
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Well, I don't know. Maybe try to make more putts.

Q. You've made plenty of those already. Do you like playing in the wind? Is it difficult with your swing? How did you keep the tempo and patience going?
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Well, for me I just have to be more patient out there. I kind of have fun these two day playing on this golf course and with this wind just trying to be patient and like stay with it.

Q. You've have a wonderful season. It's all coming to a close. CME Group Tour Championship this next week. It's been a long one but a very good one with a win this year.
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Yeah, it's been playing tough out there. I just, I don't know, I just try and play one shot at a time. I think that's pretty much my goal.

Q. I have one question for you: So you were the runner up last year. You were and you were very close to winning last year. What is it about this golf course that seems to suit you?
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: I don't know what is suit me on this golf course, but feels like I when I come here I had a good feeling. I mean, it's still a tough golf course for me and for everybody, and the condition, like you know, really windy.

But, I mean, I just had patient out there, and seems like I had a lot more fun on this golf course.

Q. And I saw the shot on 17. About how far were you from the hole? Tap-in.
MORIYA JUTANUGARN: Maybe like -- yeah a tap-in. This much.

Q. Six, eight inches?

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