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November 8, 2018

Jennifer Song

Hainan Island, China

Q. Well played, Jennifer. It is so hot out there.
JENNIFER SONG: Yes, definitely very hot out there and it was getting windier and it was definitely a grind.

Q. Couple new clubs in the bag, including a putter. How has that helped you this week?
JENNIFER SONG: It's helped a lot. I switched it last week in Japan, and ever since I switched it I've been rolling a lot of putts in, making good up and downs.

I really like it so far.

Q. On the 7th hole yesterday you didn't even need a putter.
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I wasn't expecting to make that hole-in-one. I guess when you least expect it you make a hole-in-one. I was very happy.

Q. I bet. And that's helped your score coming into te third round. What are you enjoying so much about this week?
JENNIFER SONG: I just love the weather. I wish I could come here when it's not a tournament. I think it would be a great vacation place. I definitely like the environment. The golf course is tough. I get to use all the clubs in my bag. I really enjoy playing golf out here.

Q. I wanted to ask you about the club changes, particularly your putter.

Q. Did you change models, or Alex said it was something about the color.
JENNIFER SONG: Well, I been using a Scotty Cameron, and, I mean, I have days where I putt really well, but I've been kind of struggling in Taiwan, Shanghai, and I just thought I needed some change.

I just kind of felt uncomfortable over the ball, so I decided it switch the putter. It's been working very well.

Q. What are you using now?
JENNIFER SONG: Ping. I got it from a Ping Japanese rep. It's been very helpful.

Q. You did that before last week's tournament in Japan?

Q. How do you feel heading into the last two rounds? If you're not in the last group tomorrow, next to last group tomorrow. Playing well. How do you feel?
JENNIFER SONG: I'm excited. I think I play better when I'm chasing, from behind. So I think Ariya is playing great. Definitely she'll play solid the next two days. I'll just have to see how she plays.

I'll just keep doing the same thing, keep grinding, and just have fun out there.

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