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November 7, 2018

Ariya Jutanugarn

Hainan Island, China

THE MODERATOR: Ariya, well, day one is over. Give an assessment about what you did today.

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: Actually I have so much fun today because it's really tough condition today. Really windy; got really firm.

I'm 3-under and really happy about that today.


Q. (Through translation.) The heatedly discussed question about the No. 1 spot, right now and you Sung Hyun Park are very close to each other. If you do well here you can probably just be there to defend your position. What might be your concerns, if you will?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: Actually, I want to play well because I want to get more confident. I know I still have so much room to improve my game.

And I never think about the ranking, because like what we know is the true thing is the ranking always changing, and it's like keep changing like every week. We never know what's going to happen.

I just have to do my job and focus on the thing we can control. The ranking is not under my control.

Q. (Through translation.) What may be was you best performance as far as these 18 holes here? Which one you think you did best on?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I think par-5, No. 3. I hit a great third shot to the green and make the putt and have birdie.

THE MODERATOR: Holes 3 and 5 are Par-5s.

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: So both par-5.

Q. (Through translation.) Your relationship with the leader right now from your same country, what do you make of it?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I'm just so happy for her to be able to play so well because like really tough course and she's such a great player and we friend. Like I saw the leaderboard lots of time and player playing so well today.

Q. (Through translation.) As far as the tough conditions you mentioned today, it was pretty windy. How much did it influence you and what about tomorrow as far as your own strategy?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: This course windy. Everything just got so tough and I have to really be patient. Just don't try to make birdie on every hole. Just keep the ball in the fairway, in the green.

And tomorrow I just keep the same strategy. Like keep working on my short game. I think it's going to get better.

Q. (Through translation.) Ten years ago LPGA probably wouldn't see that many Thai players at all. Now you are holding a No. 1 position; your sister has not been terribly bad either. We see a lot of Thai girls here. What do you make of that as far as the reason? What's maybe the rationale behind that fact?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I think we done golf since when we were pretty young, and right now golf in Thailand is growing up a lot. A lot of people start when they were so young. We got a lot of inspiration from a great player. For me I got like from Virada when she play on LPGA, and Kiradech, she play on LPGA right now.

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