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November 7, 2018

Chella Choi

Hainan Island, China

Q. Today, windy.

Q. How was the wind affecting your play today?
CHELLA CHOI: It's so hard. It's so hard. I couldn't focus on the game very today. My father work really good today, so he gave me a perfect yardage today.

So, you know, around greens really tough, so I trying to which way is better, so that one is very good.

Q. Okay. So you finished on the back, correct, you finished on No. 9?

Q. And so you birdied 7 and 8 to get yourself to 2-under. Tell me about those two birdies.
CHELLA CHOI: Before tournament I think back nine is little harder, but back nine is 1-under and I starting No. 1 made a birdie, 2-under. So very exciting to like I play good.

But first easy No. 4? 5? No.4, par-3, I (indiscernible) way short and made a bogey.

No. 5 is really tough hole, so made a bogey so even. So I really tough.

And No. 7, par-3, made ten yard. So really good read to make that, so made a putt.

And No. 8 is par-5, so easy par-5.

Q. You're only two back of the lead right now. The score could change. How do you feel going into tomorrow and the next two days?
CHELLA CHOI: Very exciting. You know, this is my like very good -- a lot of the good memory in here. Couple years ago play really good.

And when I came here to hotel, you know, a lot of the good stuff and my picture on there. When I on my TV a lot of my picture on there, so I'm very exciting and really, really thankful to Blue Bay.

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