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November 7, 2018

Alena Sharp

Hainan Island, China

Q. You said rested and relaxed. Feel good coming off the golf course?
ALENA SHARP: I definitely do. Nice to get a good round under your belt to start the week. I love coming here. I've played here -- I've played well here before. The first year I was here I think I had a Top 5.

It's challenging with the wind this year. It wasn't like this last year with the breeze being this stiff. So kind of plays into my advantage. I like playing in the wind.

Q. Wind was my next. Everyone I've talked to today said, The wind, the wind, the wind. How was it affecting your play? What was it like out there?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. Definitely was probably two-club wind most of time into and down. Maybe not so much down but into for sure two and a half clubs. Gusting kind of pretty strong on our back nine so it made it a little more difficult because we were on the front side.

No. 5 you got to hit a really good drive to get over the bunker, so had to aim a little right today. Got on the green in two and two-putt and got out of there. Make par there every day it's a good thing.

Q. How do you feel heading into the next three days?
ALENA SHARP: I feel really good. I mean, I've been working on my game when I was at home. Saw my coach a couple times. We're in overseed in Phoenix. I hadn't played that much, but I played a Cactus tournament last week and I actually won it. So it was nice to have three rounds of competition before coming here.

I'm putting really well. It's been something that wasn't that great this year, so it's nice to putt well in Evian and continue it here.

Q. Was Evian your last event?

Q. So it has been a bit of a while.

Q. What have you been working on with your coach? Anything specific?
ALENA SHARP: Long-term stuff. Just better position on the down swing. The same thing that I worked on most of the year. Just getting a better hip turn on the backswing and then kind of just unleashing it on the way down.

I'm trying to gain more distance. Like that's my overall goal with the driver. I'm not working on that right this second. That's kind of after this tournament. Work into that and get in the gym more and get some more speed that way.

Q. Is that your big goal for next year then?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, and obviously to play a little bit better. I'm not really happy with how I played this year, but the last half of the season has been much better.

Q. You've been really open about how much you've been working on things, yourself, your game, everything. What has that meant to you?
ALENA SHARP: I think it's good to get out of your -- like I always live in my own little bubble. I think it's good to get out. There are people that have gone through it so you can get their help. I have a lot of great friends that have played out here before that have gone through it that have helped me.

Sarah, my caddie, has been like the positive rock all the time. You know, it hasn't been the greatest year for me, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Finishing off on a good note and getting ready for next year is my main goal for this week.

I didn't really have a lot of expectations coming in. I'm not thinking about CME. It would be nice to play next week, but if that happens that's just a bonus.

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