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November 7, 2018

Benyapa Niphatsophon

Hainan Island, China

Q. 2-under round today. Got to feel pretty good with? Four birdies and two bogeys on your card today.

Q. What's it like out there on the golf course other than hot?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: It's very windy today, but the course in shape so it's make it better, a little better, and the green is not that like not that fast.

So, it's, yeah.

Q. Is it windy enough that it felt like it was making some difference with your game?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: Yes, totally different, because on my practice round it's like no wind. Practice on Monday. So, yeah. And yesterday have wind but I'm not in the pro-am, so I don't have a chance to practice with the wind.

Yeah, doing okay today. My putting is good. I can save like many of putt, like when I miss the green I just save it.

Q. So sounds like you're pretty happy with how you played today.
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: Yeah, uh-huh. Under par always good.

Q. Under par is always good. Right now you're only one stroke behind the lead. The lead is 3-under. Is this a tough golf course?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: I think every course that have wind is hard, yeah. Because it's not just the golf course it's something else, too.

But I don't care about the lead because I don't think. I just play my game. I don't really care about them. I just have fun with my caddie, yeah. That's it.

Q. What's your game plan going into tomorrow?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: Just do the same thing, and depends about the weather, too. Just focus on every shot. Right now I have something to focus on because I just change my swing on last week.

Q. Really?

Q. Last week like in Japan last week?

Q. On your own last week?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: On my own last week.

Q. What did you do?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: Just with my coach and just improve my swing.

Q. Okay.
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: So focus more about the swing.

Q. Focusing more on the swing?

Q. You feel like it's helping?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: Yeah, a little bit, because I don't have to worry about my score too much. I feel like I know what I'm doing. Yeah, that's it.

Q. Now this is back home in Thailand? Where were you working on this with your coach?
BENYAPA NIPHATSOPHON: My coach fly from U.S. to Thailand. Normally I like to snap my hand, but I try to hold it so it's helps on the course that windy like this.

Q. Make it a little firmer?

Q. Seems to be working so far.

Q. Hope it does again tomorrow.

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