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November 6, 2018

Branden Grace

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Going back 12 months, put into words what it meant when that final putt went in and you won here by a single shot.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, I can't believe it's 12 months already. Time flies.

It was great. Obviously it's one of those moments in your career you'll never forget, almost a life-changing moment, winning South Africa's biggest event I would like to say, it was great. And winning a tournament you grew up watching, and you see some legendary names on the trophy as well, it's great.

It's great being back. I haven't been out on the golf course yet. I'm going to play a few holes later today. A nice thing about days like today, you go out and relive those moments. You kind of remember where you maze those crucial putts and where you made those crucial shots and things like that. It's going to be a good day to be out there.

Q. You held your nerve at the end because the chasing pack put plenty of pressure, but that shot on 16 gave you a one-shot advantage.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, you know, it was quite a different win for me. I think my previous wins that I've had, I've been in front and you kind of have to kind of protect your lead. I never had the lead once last year until the 16th in the final round, so that was pretty special.

Then you knew where the guys were because you were playing with them; so you knew what you had to do and protect a little bit. But again, a golf course like this, a golf course I've played numerous of times and watched over the years, 17 and 18 are not gimmie holes. You still have to hit proper golf shots going down the stretch, and most of the time, two pars are going to be good enough.

Q. You started well Thursday. Friday, the weather threw a lot at you, as well, so that shows you the challenges you face around here.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, 100 per cent. We all know the storms come in late afternoon and things like that and when the wind start blowing around here, it gets tough. Especially being in between these mountains and things, it really swirls around quite a bit.

Obviously it is a tree-lined golf course, as well, so there is that aspects and places that you have to be on top of your game, but the thing about this place, you have to keep it in the fairways. The greens are pretty small, as well. So if you can give yourself chances in the fairways getting to the greens, then you're going to do pretty well out here.

Q. 18 greens in regulation on that Sunday, that really set the benchmark. We'll be watching you come Thursday.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, must say, I played a tournament a couple of weeks ago; I think it was maybe the first time that I've hit 18 greens since then, as well. Every time I hit 18 greens now, I think of Sun City the final round.

It's great. I'll take four rounds of that this time around, but I'm super excited to be back here obviously. This is a tough week defending. It's never easy, but I've done it before, so hopefully we can do it again.

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