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November 6, 2018

Lucas Bjerregaard

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Welcome to Sun City. Back here after a tied fifth last week. It was a great week for you in Turkey?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: Yeah, I played well. After the week I had in China, it was nice to have a good result in Turkey, and I haven't really done well in Turkey before, so it's nice to play some good golf on the weekend.

Q. I know this course, you showed a little bit around here last year. What is it about this golf course that's the particular test around here?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: For me this is probably the trickiest golf course we play all year. The winds are -- well, nobody knows what the winds are doing. Ball is going really far most of the times, and it's just a tricky course. The bushes and the wild animals are out there, and you want to stay in the fairway. It's quite difficult.

The ninth hole, you've got -- I can't tell you how many times I've hit that drive downwind, and then you hit your second shot, it's into the wind and over water and you have to trust it, and it's just a really hard place to play good golf.

Q. With the altitude, the ball goes a lot further. What's your strategy?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: I work in metres normally, so it's about ten percent. But the next two days, we'll know a lot more. Because it's so warm, as well, you get a lot of extra metres in it. So it's about ten percent. We'll take some good notes the next couple days and try to figure out how far the ball is going exactly.

Q. You picked up your first win last year and you got another win this year. That second one sometimes is quite difficult. So for the confidence, how important was it for you that you got that win this year?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: Yeah, it was a great win and I had a great time before all these big events. China was weird. Didn't play very good there at all, but played well last week, obviously, and then feeling pretty good about my game. And I'll keep working and hopefully I can have another couple of good weeks and finish the year off strong.

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