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November 6, 2018

Danny Willett

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Having missed out here last year but coming back as a former winner, how much of that round this morning was reacquainting yourself with this golf course?
DANNY WILLETT: It's nice. They have done a little work to the bunkers. Obviously changed 18.

But yeah, some good memories around this place. Still doesn't get any wider the more times you come here. I missed out last year through injury, so yeah, nice to be back.

Yeah, like I said, lots of good memories around here, and the game's in a much better place, so should be okay.

Q. A golf course that can throw quite a lot of scenarios at you across the four days.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, you see a real big spread of scores around this place. Some guys really see it off the tee differently; then others you get a lot of guys who play a long way back off the tee boxes; some guys take it on a bit more.

The wind can obviously play a huge factor, as well, swirling around in the trees. It's a course that you've really got to try and get on board with and almost play it not necessarily to what you should do, but a bit more like what kind of suits your eye off each tee box and trying to get your clubs right into these small little areas on the corners over bunkers and stuff. You see a wide variety of scoring around this place.

Q. You tied seventh in Turkey last week, and you were saying how pleased you are with the way the game is at the moment, and that's backed up by the scores you shot over the four days.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was very steady scoring, really. We never did anything outrageous, but the stale days that we had on the weekend were still a couple under. Yeah, just get the blade working a bit more and do a bit of work on the greens this week and see where we can get to.

Q. Will you get a chance to have a safari while you're here and enjoy the Sun City atmosphere?
DANNY WILLETT: We may not this year. We have done in years gone past, but we're coming back out to Kenya in December for a safari holiday, so I don't think we need to go to OTT this week. It's a great week to be here. My mom is here this week. My wife couldn't make it, so my mom's popped down for a week. Nice to be back at a place you're familiar with. It's a very special place.

I think it's a special week for all the guys that have been here, even when it back to Westy and the guys when it was a 12-man field at the Million Dollar, and then a 30-man field, and now it's a 78-man field, it still really holds on to being a special place, so yes, it's an amazing week.

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