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November 18, 1999

Barbara Schett


Q. I know that making it into the Top 10 is always a very big deal for the player, what do you think the difference is between players 5 through 10 and players 1 through 5?

BARBARA SCHETT: For example, today, against Venus she was just serving better, I think -- or I'm not returning that well, I don't know. But I think she's serving really well, and it's just those little things make it hard for me to beat them. Lindsay, I think, also is serving really well. It's just a little bit of difference everywhere, in the strokes; they are longer. It's just better in certain situations.

Q. What was the problem, exactly with the serve? Was it just coming at you so fast and it was hard for you to get set up?

BARBARA SCHETT: Yeah, it's very fast and I can't really read it. You know, I'm trying to read it, but I can't. And even -- even her second serve -- maybe in the first set, I tried to take it early which didn't work at all. And in the second set I tried to stay back a little more and just hit it into the court, which was working a little bit better. But I had big troubles with her first serve.

Q. Did you happen to notice her jump over during the tiebreak when you changed ends?

BARBARA SCHETT: Sure, I did. Everybody did then, I think.

Q. What did you think of that? It was a little unsportsman like?

BARBARA SCHETT: But it's great that she can do that. I think she's tall enough that she's able to do that. If I would be as tall as her, I probably could do it, too.

Q. It didn't break your concentration?

BARBARA SCHETT: Maybe she tried to impress me or something. I don't know. But I was too concentrated. I didn't really look at her. But it's entertaining for the people. It's good.

Q. How would you summarize your whole year, and what is the next step for the next year?

BARBARA SCHETT: Well, I'm very satisfied with this year. My goal was to break into the Top 15, and now I'm Top 10. It really has been a great year. But I still think I could have played better. I could have won a couple of more matches which were very close, which I lost. And my goal for next year is to stay in the Top 10, but, of course, to improve. We'll see how the beginning of the year is going to be. I think it's -- it's harder to -- it's easier to get into the Top 10 than to stay there, my first goal. So my goal now is to stay in the Top 10. But, of course, I want to improve, sure.

Q. Have you made any plans for the off-season?

BARBARA SCHETT: Now, you mean?

Q. Yeah.

BARBARA SCHETT: Yes, I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow.

Q. What day was the ticket for?

BARBARA SCHETT: I can change it. I could have changed it at any time. I could have -- I had a flight every day; so even if I would have won, I would have gone Monday then.

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