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November 2, 2018

Karen Khachanov

Paris, France


6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Some players towards the end of the year, they feel a bit tired and they want the season to end. But you seem to be in the ascendency after your victory in Moscow. How confident are you about your form at the moment and how are you feeling about your form?
KAREN KHACHANOV: I mean, I think you see how I'm feeling with the way I'm playing. That's why, like you said, yeah, I'm just enjoying playing good tennis right now. Especially the last couple of month.

Yeah, after winning Moscow, honestly, in Vienna was tough for me to play emotionally. And it was actually fourth tournament in a row, and this is actually fifth. Maybe that I didn't do well, but it gave me some extra time to recover and play well in Paris.

But I'm playing confident and playing good tennis right now.

Q. Sascha was not happy with something in your box. Can you tell us what happened. He talked to you between the first and second set.
KAREN KHACHANOV: Everybody interested in just about this, yeah? I mean, nothing happened. Okay. When you are playing and you are losing sometimes, you just get a little bit frustrated and upset. And maybe some calls or some noise makes, you know, more problem and more frustration for you. So that's why. And then you cannot just think about the other people.

So everything is fine between us and there is no problem. Just during the match sometimes it's tough to control the emotions.

Q. Looking ahead to your next match against either Sock or Thiem, what are your impressions going into that of those two players?
KAREN KHACHANOV: Both of them are good players of course. And Jack looks like he likes Paris. He's playing good tennis here. For the last three years I think he showed some good results here in Paris. And Dominic is always tough opponent. Always tough to play.

Just looking forward, doesn't matter who wins; it's semifinals. So anyway is nice match against both of them.

Q. Can you talk a bit about Vedran, how is he helping you with your game? He's been back in your team since the beginning of the year. How is he helping you?
KAREN KHACHANOV: He's helping me in general, so I think I improved so much this year. But it's like I said, it's kind of a team effort, teamwork. You can play good, you can feel good but then it has to be everything together, you know, come up and then you rise up.

So basically we spend a lot of time on court. More maybe tactical. He explain me more mental. We have also good relationship between each other so that's why maybe it helps for good atmosphere on the team but also technical things as well.

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