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November 4, 2018

Mary Keitany

Vivian Cheruiyot

New York, New York

THE MODERATOR: We're about to start our chat with the top two women in TCS New York City Marathon. In second place, with a time of 2:26:02, from Kenya, Vivian Cheruiyot. And for the fourth time, the winner today, with a time of 2:22:48, the second fastest time in New York City Marathon history, also from Kenya, Mary Keitany.

Mary, I want to start with you. Last year a lot of people expected you to win. It didn't happen. How much did you think about that going into today's race?

MARY KEITANY: I would first like to take this opportunity to say I'm happy. I would give credit for my fine time today. Earlier, I got an infection, but then I was good, and everything was okay. I train well, and I'm ready for the race. I'm happy that I won the race today.

THE MODERATOR: Vivian, I think a lot of us were looking forward to seeing some of that 5K gold medal speed. Did you ever think -- did you ever stop thinking you could catch Mary as she came in Central Park?

VIVIAN CHERUIYOT: Okay. I want to say I'm happy to be second position today because the last race I run, I had a very bad injury, and it lasted two weeks. We had to cancel this, but I say I should not cancel it. I have to come. So I was running with pain throughout. So for me, I'm satisfied with position 2, and I'm happy to finish it.

THE MODERATOR: You were running with pain. You said you had a back injury?

VIVIAN CHERUIYOT: It's a hamstring injury, at the same time, knee and calf. So I had a lot of pain throughout the race.

THE MODERATOR: Second place in the TCS New York City Marathon with an injury like that, pretty impressive. Let's open it up to questions.

Q. Mary, congratulations. Early in the race, you ran pretty conservatively. You weren't having any problems, right? You just wanted to kind of hold back early on? How did you feel early in the race?
MARY KEITANY: I was feeling okay. I was not having any problems although the first 5K was just slow. It was like when I'm training at home. Also, 10K was not so fast. So after the eight miles, ten miles was when I started to move, but also my colleague, I think it was Linden, who started to move up, and that was the time I started to try to push.

Q. Congratulations on another win. Can you take us through your morning, how you began, how you started, how you felt going into the race.
MARY KEITANY: Could you repeat your question, please.

Q. Can you take us through the morning, when you started, how it felt preparing for the race.
MARY KEITANY: I can say that nothing very special that I did this morning, just woke up, and I was getting ready to go to the starting line. Nothing was special today. I was just ready for the race.

Q. Mary, many times you go out very hard in a race. Today you went out slow and then went very hard the second half of the race. Why did you run so hard the second half and not start running hard earlier?
MARY KEITANY: Yeah, I can say that the start of New York is not like other races. When you are at start, you slow down, and when you are finishing, it's a bit -- a lot of hills. So for me it was not necessary to start at the beginning, and towards the end it's tough hills, so you have to tackle it. For me, it was okay, but it was two much slow, but I didn't want to rush at the beginning so that to suffer at the end. I wanted to be comfortable throughout the race.

Q. Congratulations, Vivian and Mary. I might be a bit early, but are you already thinking about Doha next year, the World Championships? And secondly, Mary and Vivian, what role did your family, your husbands and children, what role do they play in motivating you for the race today?
THE MODERATOR: The question is are you already thinking about the World Championships next year? And then for both of you, what role does your family and children play in your training?

MARY KEITANY: For me, I can say that my family gives me support, and in my mind I am remembering that they are there for me. For me, it's given me an opportunity to relax and also to know that, when I'm in a race, I know my kids are in the finishing line so they can see what is my mom going to do today? So having that in my mind when I'm running, I have to try my best so I make them to be happy.

In the morning, they started to prepare me and say, Mommy, I'm praying for you. Success, good luck, try your best. So it was on my mind what they told me this morning. So I had to try to do my best.

VIVIAN CHERUIYOT: Okay. I start with next year. It's still far to say something, but when it comes to 2019, it's time to say something.

About my family, they have been supporting me since. They have moral support. And when we travel together, when they are around me, I feel so happy, especially my kid Allan. He was telling me in the morning, come on, win. And I say to him, I'm going to try the best. We prayed. So when they're there, my husband, I'm so happy, and thank you for your support. For my manager also, thank you so much for your moral support. You have supported me for the last 15 years. So thank you so much.

Q. Mary, once you opened up quickly in the second half of the race, were you trying to break the course record?
MARY KEITANY: I can say that the course record was not in my mind, but I was able to run a very nice race. When I just did the course alone, I was thinking of record. I was saying, okay, let me try to win. I went in front, and they caught me at 24 miles. So for today, I was thinking of to try to win, but not actually the course record. But I come to see that I missed just by 70 seconds to be the course record, but it's okay. For me, winning was very important.

THE MODERATOR: Vivian Cheruiyot, the second place finisher, and Mary Keitany, the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon Champion.

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