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November 3, 2018

Julia Goerges

Zhuhai, China

A. BARTY/J. Goerges

4-6, 6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. From a set and a break up, where do you think that the match kind of started to slip a little bit? It was still close throughout I thought.
JULIA GOERGES: First of all, I must say the first set and half was at a pretty high level. And it was a very interesting match to see that both of us trying to figure out a way to punish some balls from the opponent which maybe didn't find the right place. I think tactical-wise from both of us it was a really good match-up. I was a set and a break up and I thought I played really well, but I think my body beat me a bit today, and Ashleigh obviously, too. But, no, I think I lost a little too much energy on the match before, especially mentally. I felt I could not hold it up anymore. I tried solutions, yeah, to get me going again and really getting the energy. But I know how tough it is. When she plays the slice, you have to move really good and prepare the best you can and advance to really make a quality shot out of it. And I think she did a much better job of getting her court position a little bit more into the court and trying to actually move me more around, which I would love to do usually.

Q. We've known that Stephanie Graf was here yesterday in Zhuhai. So I'd like to know if you've ever met her during these days?
JULIA GOERGES: No, I didn't see her. I think she just came here, I guess. I just saw her here last year. I haven't seen her this year yet.

Q. So this match is the last match for you during the WTA tournaments. What's your plan for next year? Especially next January, do you have any plans on any tournaments?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, I think I have a plan, but I think that's what I'm not thinking about now. I'm already in my vacation mode a little bit since the last ball was played. I think, yeah, first of all, I think I need to look back on my season, how successful it was. It was the best year of my career. I think it's more than deserved to look back on that first than looking forward to the next season. I think it's a big thing to look back to what I've achieved this year and think of it with my team and really find ways to get better and improve for next year. And then we look to the tournament calendar. My first tournament will be Auckland next year, but other than that, I haven't looked further. I think it's better that I look back to that season, finish that chapter, then go on from there.

Q. Speaking of the season, when you look back on the 2018 season, I know you'll talk more with your team to kind of digest everything, what are the snapshots in your head that are so clear about this year for you?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, there have been a lot of snapshots this year because there were some, yeah, very special moments for me this year, especially breaking into top 10. That's been a long time goal which I think wasn't very present in the last five years, or five years ago, better to say. Then obviously finally making it through in a Grand Slam. Getting to that stage where I've always dreamed of being on. I think all those, yeah, memories from how I got to the semifinals, how I broke into the top 10, but also how I've won two titles again. I think I've won two last year, two this year. It's a very clear picture I can see. I can see how I develop, how I improve every season. I think it doesn't matter where you finish the year. You have so many great memories of that year, that it's, yeah, it's really nice I have confirmed my last season. I think this makes a top player, if you are consistent enough to show and prove every year that you belong there. It was not really easy to really prove that I belonged there. But I think overall I can be very, very proud of what my team and I did this season. I think there is a lot more to come. I'm looking now for my vacations, but then towards working hard again and still see what I'm still capable of.

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