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November 4, 2018

Jin Young Ko

Tokyo, Japan

Q. It was a pretty nice way to end your round. How do you feel walking off the golf course?
JIN YOUNG KO: : Actually, my body condition was so bad last three weeks and then this week, too. So really, I tried really just enjoy, and then I want to go -- I want, I need, some rest, but course was really good. Greens, fairways are perfect. And then I played with Mo and thenally set. They are so awesome, so I can play so well today, so, happy.

Q. You did play well, opened with a bogey but then birdies the rest of the way in. Any place that particularly was important to you or stood out?
JIN YOUNG KO: : I just tried many birdies, but today was cold and distance was less, ten meters or 15. So too tough to me on the course. But my putting was so good. So I played well.

Q. Your season is almost over but you already have wrapped up Rookie of the Year. Tell me about that honor and what it means to you.
JIN YOUNG KO: : It's a great honor to me. It's many years ago, four years, five years, I played in the KLPGA, and I missed the Rookie of the Year 2014. So this award means so much more to me, and it was a really, really happy season and good opportunity to play with such wonderful competitors. I'm really happy, yeah.

Q. You have a win in your rookie year, Rookie of the Year. What are your goals for your second year on the LPGA Tour?
JIN YOUNG KO: : I don't think about that, not yet. I want to win a major, and then I don't know, not yet. Too early.

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