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November 3, 2018

Patrick Cantlay

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Here with the defending champ in Patrick Cantlay. You made it look easy today with that 8-under 63. How would you characterize your comfort level at TPC Summerlin?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I feel like it's a good course for me. I drive it pretty straight and drive it a lot and out here that gives you a lot of wedges so I felt like I can attack most of the hole locations today, and I did.

Q. Big picture with your iron play this week. You've only missed five greens in three rounds, which is pretty eye popping. How would you describe what it's like when you're in that type of...
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, ball-striking good. Distance control has been good. Actually a couple of those greens I missed with 60 degree and went 70 yards, which is kind of a good thing.

So I've been hitting it really well, but a lot of it is driving it really well. Driving it down there far and in the fairways. It's hard to miss greens from (indiscernible).

Q. Defending champ. What's it about this place just seems to settle with you?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, there are a lot of scoring opportunities out here and a lot of holes fit my eye off the tee. I feel like I can be really aggressive and drive it down there far and the in fairway.

If I can do that, hitting wedges close is easy from there.

Q. And you took advantage. It was a birdiefest in your group. I mean, you take over bogey-free.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I felt like I could never catch up. Our group played well today; made a lot of birdies. I thought it was scorable early and then the wind kicked up in the afternoon and it was a little tougher to score.

Q. You came from behind last year en route to the title. Mindset for tomorrow?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Same. My strategy out here is really to hilt a lot of drivers and be aggressive. I feel like if you hit a lot of good shots and stay aggressive you can shoot a low number, and that's the plan for tomorrow.

Q. Scoring on the back side this week. What's it about those holes? I think 12-under on that side.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, couple par-5s and the drivable 4. I kind of botched the front side the first two days. Played much better on the front side today. Still haven't got 9 any day, which is obviously not good.

Q. Looking forward to tomorrow though, that keeps you I guess patient tomorrow. Whatever is happening on the front, you know you can go low on that back side.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Sure. Yeah, I guess. This golf course is really -- patience is always good, but I think you still need to be aggressive. I'm going to continue that mindset tomorrow and try and get hot early and keep it going.

Q. What does being able to do it last year do for your confidence going into tomorrow?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I think it's great to be around a place that you have good memories from. I think that's a big thing out here.

Also knowing where to hit it, where to miss it, and where your ball is going to be no matter what shot you hit. That's important. And I feel comfortable around here. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You were amongst the leaders last year. Now you're coming off a great round. How will you prepare this evening?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Same. I played China last week so I've been a little tired this week. Just going to rest and get rested for tomorrow and do the normal routine.

Q. Overall what's the first thing that comes to your mind about your round today?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Very consistent and very solid. Hit a lot of really solid shots and didn't make any mental mistakes. Hit a lot of the right clubs and played smart when I need to do and aggressive when I had the opportunity.

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