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November 3, 2018

Cameron Champ

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Through 14 holes to start this tournament you were 1-over par; since then you've gone 14-under to put yourself on the first page of the leaderboard. What's changed in the last two plus rounds?
CAMERON CHAMP: Just kind of put it all together. Hasn't been my greatest ball striking week. I just scored. That's how I've kind of looked at it the last few days. Off the tee I've been barely missing fairways, but I was able to control my shots in the rough.

Like I said, just score and make the birdie opportunities when they come.

Q. You won for the first time last week in the fashion in which you did it. You had a four-shot lead; lost that; go onto win by four. How has that changed your belief in your game since then?
CAMERON CHAMP: Just that anything can happen. Tomorrow if we have similar weather conditions, who knows what could happen? Obviously I think saw Lucas Glover shot 10-under today, right? Just like I said if I just keep on doing what I'm doing and just kind of put it all together, ball striking, putting, see what happens.

Q. 16 is a hole you've taken advantage of this week; obviously today not the case. Coming down the stretch how did that take the wind out of your sails?
CAMERON CHAMP: Obviously it was disappointing. I hit a good drive, good second shot, and just really lost focus at putt and ran it way back. Obviously tomorrow make sure not to do little mistakes like that.

But like I said, I'm just really comfortable out here and look forward to tomorrow.

Q. Nicely done today. Bogey-free, 66, 13-under. Good position. Looking for back-to-back wins. How do you feel?
CAMERON CHAMP: I feel great. Like I said, this week hasn't been my greatest ball striking, but I've been able to score. Obviously the fairways are a little tight, but like I said, just being able to judge all my shots out of the rough well and then take advantage of my birdie opportunities when they came.

Today was just a solid day. Drove it decently off the tee. Didn't make many mistakes. Like I said, took advantage of the birdies when they came.

Q. A lot people talk about your club head speed, length off the tee. What do you feel is the best part of your golf game?
CAMERON CHAMP: Definitely ball striking. Obviously last few weeks the fairways are very narrow and whatnot, but I'm still going to hit driver. Just feel like it's just a big tool of mine. If I can get going off the tee then it kind of flows into other parts of my game.

I would definitely say ball striking, but obviously last few weeks my putter has really come alive finally. This last year I put a lot of work into it. That was one area I kind of struggled with down the stretch or in tournaments or whatnot.

Just to be able to see myself make the putts when I need to.

Q. How have you been able to keep your focus this week after winning last week?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I talked with my team about that, especially Sean. We had a long conversation about that. (Indiscernible).

Tried to go about it, and doing pretty well so far.

Q. Just comment on your play today if you can.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, today was solid. It was a little better ball striking day for me off the tee. Last few days kind of struggled hitting the fairways even though when I would miss it would kind of be just barely.

I just put everything together. I didn't make any mistakes. When I missed the greens I was able to get them up and down for the most part. I feel like I left a few out there; definitely 16 hurt coming down the stretch.

I feel like tomorrow if we have similar weather conditions and I can just put it all together, I guess never know what happens.

Q. Another week, another chance for a win. How will last week help you tomorrow?
CAMERON CHAMP: Just the experience for one. Like I said, last week had a four-shot lead and it was gone, and so just to be able to do what I did down the stretch, like I said, just the experience alone for me. It was the first time in that situation for me, and the same thing this week. Winning and trying to just blur everything out and just focus on this event. Feel like I've done that well the first three days, and tomorrow just go for it.

Q. Plan on being a bit aggressive? Go for it like you said?
CAMERON CHAMP: Definitely. We're still going to stick to the same game plan, but I think just more aggressive at targets, pins mand whatnot. The greens are just rolling so good. If I can just give myself enough opportunities, never know.

Q. What do you credit getting off to a hot start today?
CAMERON CHAMP: Just kind of steady, honestly. Made two birdies in the first four holes, and then next birdie was on 10. Just really stayed steady. Like I said, I knew I would have plenty of opportunities. 16 just kind of hurt, but plenty of birdie opportunities out here.

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