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November 3, 2018

Li Haotong

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Let's talk about the highlight of the day first, your holed second shot on 10 for eagle?
LI HAOTONG: Yeah, for sure. That was quite a special moment for myself, and second shot was like 173 something and 8-iron, tried to hit a high fade, which I did, but little bit flyer high and finished pin-high, which is a little long, and lucky from the top and rolls in.

Q. By 12 you've gone from three behind to three in front. What are you thinking at that stage?
LI HAOTONG: I saw on the leaderboard, it was quite exciting at that time. I start thinking about, yeah, if I make a couple birdies, it's going to be perfect for tomorrow, but finish like that is good enough for me.

Q. Your last three starts, fifth, ninth, 11th. How confident are you feeling in your game?
LI HAOTONG: Yeah, definitely, from those three weeks, gave me a lot of experience and confidence, especially against the best golfers in the world.

So it's a good experience.

Q. You held off Rory McIlroy to win in Dubai. Tomorrow is looks like you're going to face down Justin Rose. Give us your thoughts on that.
LI HAOTONG: Well, I just want to play my best and beat him.

Q. Do you think you can?
LI HAOTONG: Possibly (laughing).

Q. Can you walk us through 9 and 10?
LI HAOTONG: Yeah, for sure, especially on 10. Had a big driver down there, which is a little bit flyer lie. I think it's 173 finish pin-high and got lucky, flyer lie pitched there and hit on top and rolled back.

Q. You went to 3-up at that point. What were you thinking?
LI HAOTONG: Just really exciting at that time. I saw that at that time if I make a couple more birdies, going to be comfortable for tomorrow. But seems like good finish for me.

Q. Earlier this season, you held off Rory McIlroy in Dubai. What did you learn from that experience that you might be able to use tomorrow?
LI HAOTONG: Definitely got a lot of confidence from that, and since then, playing a lot of big events, which has built me confidence, also. It's going to be an exciting day for tomorrow, and looking forward to go against Rosey.

Q. The chip-in by 9 was followed by a fantastic eagle?
LI HAOTONG: 9 was chip-in. Yesterday I did the same thing but I hit the flag, kicked out and today was just lucky, went in.

Hole No. 10 was important, most highlight of the day I think. Second shot which is 8-iron, little flyer lie, pitched pin-high, nose pin, and rolled back to the hole.

Q. It's the fourth time you've holed off the green this week?
LI HAOTONG: It is. I didn't realise it but it's a pretty good result, isn't it.

Q. Top of the leaderboard, heading into Sunday, how excited are you at the prospect of leading this big event?
LI HAOTONG: Yes, especially Rolex Series Event. I really want to win this week and play my best tomorrow.

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