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November 2, 2018

Qiang Wang

Zhuhai, China

Q. WANG/M. Keys
1-6, 6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel about this format? Even though you've won this match, you still would not be able to qualify due to the format.
QIANG WANG: Well, I think it's pretty good because I've never won over Keys and this time I won her. So if my season can continue my performance like this, I think I can get better and better.

Q. Could you talk about the inspiration for your hairstyle?
QIANG WANG: It's from my hairdresser. Well, actually, apart from my match here, I have plenty of time left. When I had a break, I tried all kinds of things that I could do with her, including makeup and hairstyle and nails, and also my training. So this is how it is.

Q. Actually after the last match, you probably would be aware that you would have to win two straight sets to qualify. Does that affect your performance on this match so that you lost the first set?
QIANG WANG: No. When I just started with the first set, she was going very strong against me. So whenever have a ball that was very slow or shallow, then she got the opportunity to attack me. I didn't find a very good approach to go against her. However, later her performance was declining and I got the opportunity to attack her back.

Q. Your current match actually reminds me of the match of Sabalenka in a previous one, who is an athlete who has a very strong power. On the court, you were nodding your head when you met very strong-powered athletes. Do you have any plans to get yourself stronger?
QIANG WANG: Yes, of course. That's always the direction I'm going towards. I want myself to be stronger, to be more resistant against the strengths of my opponent, and also be more aggressive. That's also exactly what my coach wanted.

Q. If you get stronger, would you be afraid that you're losing your slenderness?
QIANG WANG: How do I deal with that? You can't get both.

Q. We have seen a lot of people saying online that because of your performance, a lot of people start to love tennis. And also due to your very active role in playing the game, people feel your matches are very fun, that's why viewers are very interested. So what's your view on your fans? Second of all, what's your plan on the offseason? Would you like to have some plan to get stronger?
QIANG WANG: Currently what I've been thinking of is vacation. I want to get a break. I haven't thought about my offseason training. But I hope that more viewers would be interested in tennis, to support tennis, and also I would try my best to play better in the future.

Q. This is the end of the season, but a lot of players might already be looking towards the next season. The start of the next season would be Australian Open. Do you have an expectation for next season, for the Australian Open specifically?
QIANG WANG: No, why would I think about that?

Q. Why not?
QIANG WANG: Right now I can only focus on today. I can't think of next year. All I'm thinking about is my vacation, which I hope I can have a vacation near the sea, get sunshine and sunbathe and swimming in the sea.

Q. On this tournament, these are athletes from top 20 players, and this is a format of round robin. Have you learned from this match and this tournament? Would you like to focus more on your advantages or your strengths and prevent your weakness? What's your strategy?
QIANG WANG: I think you have to do both. You have to actually avoid your weaknesses and strengthen your advantages. If there's anything that goes wrong, then your opponent can actually attack you on your weakness. Then it would be very difficult to turn over in tennis. So I guess you have to do both. Also I'd like to be better at my strength and I hope I can improve on my weakness. If you can improve on everything, you can be a better player and you can get into top 10 or even top 5.

Q. So we have seen that you have progressed in terms of your China season. Could you comment on your strengths and weaknesses?
QIANG WANG: If I tell you everything, then probably everybody can beat me over.

Q. Can you comment on what you can improve?
QIANG WANG: I'd like to improve my serving, forehand, volleying, mid-front court performance, backhand down the line, returning, my strength, and backhand. I'd like to improve on everything.

Q. Tell us about your strengths.
QIANG WANG: I think my strength is in my legs. I have very long legs, and my legs can run faster, and I can also sit down with my legs.

Q. What's your vacation plan?
QIANG WANG: Malaysia for diving.

Q. We've seen your increasing stronger performance and probably there will be more sponsors coming to you. Do you have any expectation? Which brands or sponsors would you be interested in?
QIANG WANG: I hope everybody can come to me because my agent is right here, so I'm not afraid to have any offer. So I welcome all sponsors to come and find me.

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