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November 3, 2018

Lexi Thompson

Tokyo, Japan

Q. You finished the second round. How was the golf today?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was good. I had a great front nine. Was 4-under through nine holes, and then kind of fizzled out on the back nine. But played great overall, so proud of going into tomorrow.

Q. What do you think about this course?
LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, I think it's a great golf course. It really comes down to the greens. You have to leave yourself below the hole. I had a few putts today that were above it and they were basically impossible. It's all on really placing your second shot into the green in the best location possible.

Q. You came back to Japan and this tournament. How do you feel about the Japanese fans and Japan?
LEXI THOMPSON: I love coming back to Japan. The fans over here are the best. They are always so cheerful and just so supportive, even if I'm playing bad. I love coming here and playing in front of the fans and the golf courses.

Q. What kind of Japanese food did you eat?
LEXI THOMPSON: I haven't eaten much Japanese food this week just because I'm having a TMJ problem, so I can't have the amazing beef. It's my teeth and jaw. It gets pain like all the way up my face. So I've been trying to have a soft diet.

Q. Does the pain bother you playing?
LEXI THOMPSON: It did today surprisingly. It usually doesn't come when I'm playing. More of when I'm sleeping. Like last night, I had it for five hours.

Q. What's your goal for the final round this tournament?
LEXI THOMPSON: I'm just looking forward to tomorrow with the same attitude that I had the last two days. Just fire away with my driver off the tee and just play some consistent golf. Just commit to my lines and be confident out there.

Q. A question about the technical point of view and play style. You have distance, of course, that the fans and all the other players envy about your distance. Looking at your stats, you have a very good greens in regulation. How do you balance the two or how do they work together?
LEXI THOMPSON: I've always been kind of known as a good ball-striker, so it really comes down to me on the greens. I just changed to the Cobra F9 driver. It's been good for me off the tee. It's all just a matter of committing to my lines out there. Just give myself the birdie putt, and that's when my game comes down to is hitting those birdie putts because I do hit a good amount of greens.

Q. Your greens in regulation are very accurate and you have good stats on that. Is that because you hit the ball far, or do you control the ball to the second shot so you can hit your correct distance with your second shot approach to the green?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think really you have to be long off the tee, but just getting in the fairway is the most important part. But since I do hit it pretty far, if I do miss a fairway, it's far enough up to where I just have a wedge out of the rough or a short club out of the rough.

So it's somewhat easier to hit the green, even though if it's not a close birdie put.

Q. Everybody envies about your distance, and especially the driver. What's your --

Q. Secret.
LEXI THOMPSON: You know, I grew up with two older brothers that played, so I always grew up just trying to hit it as hard and trying to hit it as far as them, so that definitely made me a long-ball hitter.

I would say over time, building the right muscles in the golf swing. I mean, I train every day, and I'm 5-11, so I'm not the smallest human in the world. It definitely helps.

Q. What kind of training in particular do you do?
LEXI THOMPSON: Right now, I'm just really focusing on cardio and core and making sure I'm stretching a lot, just because my swing involves a lot of flexibility. So making sure I'm as stretched out as possible.

But at the same time it's important to make sure I'm doing band exercises and building the right muscles for the golf swing, and a lot of balance work, as well.

Q. You said you just changed drivers. When did you do that?
LEXI THOMPSON: Two days before I came here.

Q. Any particular reason?
LEXI THOMPSON: You know, I was doing a commercial/photo shoot for Cobra PUMA, and they just released the new F9. So it was available to be able to play with about four days ago before I came here.

So I tried it out in the commercial shoot, and then I worked with my Cobra rep, Ben Schomin, one day at Trump International and got a shaft fitted for me correctly. I love it. Quick change.

Q. As a total non-equipment person, what's the difference?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, just me, I'm the same way.

Q. The feel?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's more, since I swing pretty fast, it's all a matter of the lag in the shaft and making sure it's timed up correctly for my swing speed and everything. So that's why you just set up on TrakMan and get the right numbers. And of course, feel for me; if it's going on a good flight and it feels good through impact, that's important.

Q. And you're happy so far?
LEXI THOMPSON: Happy so far.

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