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November 1, 2018

Anastasija Sevastova

Zhuhai, China


6-0, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. So we could see that you performed pretty well. It was going very smoothly in the first set. In the second set, actually Shuai Zhang was improving a lot, so that put you into some challenges. How did you compete with her in terms of some critical points to win her over? Also, could you comment on the overall games today.
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Well, I think it's tough playing on Thursday. I was here from, like, Saturday. Not playing for so many days, just practicing, for her for sure was easier.

I started very well. I really didn't think I would start so well. In the first set, she also gave me a lot of points. In the second, yeah, it should have been over at 5-3, I think. At 5-4, I should have served it out. At 6-5, I think I let her in. It was my mistake.

I was not concentrated. I was not focused. I was lucky that I escaped in the second set in a tiebreak anyway, because normally it's a third set.

Q. We've seen that you have done a lot of matches here in China and that you performed very well this year, especially you got into many finals. The question is, what's your impression on the tournaments in China and also your fans here?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I always like the tournament in Beijing. It's a very good tournament I think. Also here, they're doing a very good job. So it's nice to play. The stadiums are nice, the courts are good. Maybe they are sometimes not so nice, but it's been better.

So I enjoy playing here, and also last year, I played good here, so, yeah, it's nice to be here.

Q. Since Beijing, how long did it take to kind of get over that week, because it was a very big week for you? And just in terms of preparation, getting here so early, it's rare, what have you been doing the last four days?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Just practicing. I mean, it was tough. After Beijing, we came back. I got sick. I had to play Moscow. I wanted to play because it was still close for the Singapore alternate. I played okay there, but sick.

Then flying straight to Singapore. Also doing nothing there. Practicing a little, but also waiting around. Here also, waiting around. It's tough.

But, again, you have to take it how it is, because it's a good opportunity in Singapore and also here. Okay. You play today and tomorrow. Now I'm in the tournament. It's a good thing now.

Q. Talking about the tiebreak in the second set, you were out 1-5. What do you do to improve yourself? Do you think Shuai Zhang had lost her focus in the game?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Well, I think I lost this 1-5. It was a lot of mistakes. I just thought I will fight back.

3-6, you know it's a tough score. You know you can lose a set, you can still be 6-All. But, again, it was here and there. It was she winning the points. Me winning the points.

Yeah, tiebreak is kind of roulette. So in the end, I was a bit solid in the end, the last two points. I got a bit lucky. I was happy not playing the third set.

Q. Next you play Garbiñe. Can you talk about that match. And I wonder a little bit in terms of her results this year, they haven't been as good as they have been in the past. Do you feel the players feel it's more of an opportunity against her these days?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Maybe. But, again, she's a tough opponent. She puts you under a lot of pressure. I saw the last match which she played against Shuai. It's going to be tough for me and I know she's going to go for it.

I have to move. I have to serve better because she's going for the returns. When she goes to the net, she's not afraid of playing in the net and finishing the points, making it faster and shorter.

Yeah, I have to play my game. I have to play like in the first set.

Q. I wonder have you asked the tournament how they arranged the schedule, because we have players finishing the round Robin yesterday, but you have your first match on Thursday night?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I was ready to play on Tuesday. I asked if I was playing on Tuesday, and I thought maybe I play on Wednesday. Didn't happen.

I think it's tough, this four groups, three players. It's not easy. One is playing Tuesday and playing Friday. So I'm actually happy to play, like, next day now. But, again, the waiting was not nice, but we're in Zhuhai, I could practice.

Q. You did pretty good in the first part of your career and then you have to retire because of injury. What did you learn from that time to make you a better player now?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I think I'm being better now than in the first part of my career. I think I improved in the second part much more than the first. What you learn when you're 19, 20 years old? Really learn how to live, maybe.

When I stopped, I had a normal life, but I think it helped me also coming back in the second part, from 2015, because I know that there's still a normal life. It's not over when you finish playing.

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