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November 1, 2018

Ashleigh Barty

Zhuhai, China

A. BARTY/C. Garcia

6-3, 6-4

Q. The performance today, what did you think you did well out there?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: Yeah, a little bit better. I think, in particular, I looked after my service game as well. Was able to make a lot of returns and put a lot of pressure on Caroline's service games.

I think go out there with a bit of freedom. I was in a bit of a win-win situation. I go out there and can play well, play with freedom. If I lose, I go home and it's the end of season. I could go out there and just kind of play my style.

Q. Now you've got a bit of a wait on your hands. How difficult is that to kind of prepare for? You don't know whether you're going to be playing in the semifinals on Saturday, and then potentially the final on Sunday. Is it difficult to prepare for the unknown, I guess?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: Yes and no, I think. It's out of my hands. I think we've had an amazing season. A really nice end to the season to be able to come away with a win today.

Yeah, I mean, I'll just have to sit back and watch tomorrow and worry about whether we're here for an extra day or not.

No, certainly pleased with the year that we've had and really nice to finish on a positive note today.

Q. (Question spoken in Chinese not yet translated.)
ASHLEIGH BARTY: I was totally expecting English then (smiling).

Q. Everybody knows that you actually participated in the finals in Singapore last week. Actually very few athletes would attend the two finals consecutively, one after the other, including the Singapore and Zhuhai stops. Obviously, you've done well in Singapore and you're doing well in Zhuhai as well. Can you talk about your overall feelings of the games here?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: It was exciting to qualify for both the second year in a row. It was very nice to wake up to that email on Saturday morning while I was home saying that I had qualified here.

I mean, what a finish to the season, to be able to compete in both finals events for two years in a row, which is pretty exciting. I think it was not just a reward for me, but also for my team. All of the hard work, the effort that we've put in, and the consolidation that we've had this year in staying in the top 20, and top 10 in dubs, I think.

Q. So I would just continue with the topic we've just mentioned. Actually you have been in Singapore finals for two years and this year would be the last year of the WTA Finals held in Singapore and you have been to Singapore so many times. What is your overall impression on Singapore?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: Yeah, it's absolutely beautiful. I was very excited to qualify there for its final year. I think the general consensus around all the girls is that we're very excited that it's coming to Shenzhen. I think it will be phenomenal.

The tournaments that we have in China throughout the year always provide us with the best hospitality. I think the girls are really excited to have those finals in Shenzhen from next year. Hopefully I'm there to experience it.

Q. The New York Times did a poll last month about the best shots in the game, both men and women. Your name came up quite a bit with respect to the forehand, serve, volleys. I'm curious, is that new information to you in terms of people really liking the way that your game looks and the way that you play and how effective your shots are, or is this something you've been hearing since you were young? Kind of what is that like to hear that?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: I think my family sent me that article. I kindly put it straight in the trash. I don't read too many things that are written about me.

I mean, it's obviously very kind of people that they like to watch my game, like to watch me play. And I try my best to play in the correct manner, with sportsmanship, competing, and then obviously with a little bit of flare as well.

But, no, it is very kind that I think a few people in the world like watching me play. It's certainly fun playing. I try bringing that exciting, fun, kind of free brand of tennis as much as I can.

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