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November 1, 2018

Justin Rose

Antalya, Turkey

Q. You played some terrific golf last year here on the weekend. Today you've shot a good score again, 6-under par. How does it compare?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think I probably drove it better last year. I didn't drive it particularly well today but my iron play was good. Holed out, obviously on No. 4, which got things going, obviously and made a birdie off the back of that and so 3-under through five, I felt like I was up and running. That was a nice stroke of fortune I guess and really started the day nicely.

Q. You had plenty of chances around the back nine. Was the one at the last a reward for patience?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, a little bit. I hit a lovely iron shot into 11, and didn't birdie the par 5, No. 12. Had a chance at 14.

Yeah, had good chances out there. 18 was lovely. Obviously that green was good to me last year and it was nice to finish and sign off that way today.

Q. Taking you back to Colonial where you won, ten Top-10s in your last 12 starts, what's pleased you most about your play over that stretch of time?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously the consistency. But the consistency has come through something being good every week. Doesn't have to be everything every week. Some weeks I haven't hit my irons particularly well; my short game's really bailed me out, or had great putting weeks or just had great ball-striking weeks. I'm looking for that week where I can put everything together and those are normally the weeks you win, but certainly there's been something to get me out of trouble every week.

Today, never had to press anything in my round. Had a little frustrating period around 11, 12, 13, 14, where I had chances that slipped by. Knew I was getting frustrated at that point in the round and tried to see if I could grab a couple birdies coming in which I did and nice to sign off with a nice three at the last.

Q. On that eagle, you seemed to step back before you played the shot. Did you see something different before you actually hit?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't remember backing off it, so I don't know if it was just a routine that went awry or something distracted me or I had a bad thought. I didn't change my process there, anyway.

Q. On 16, the eagle putt which left you with a birdie chance?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, such a great pin, easy to hit the green there but you have to hit in the right section to the green. When I hit my 5-wood, I bailed out a little bit to the right, and I knew I left myself a tough -- I'd almost prefer to be 90 yards away to be honest with you, it was such a tough putt.

But Fooch, I was complaining about where I left myself on the green, and he said, "Come on, just break it down into the segments you need to." I worked out the putting in three blocks and it worked out well.

Q. Good day to start on a day when scoring has been low.
JUSTIN ROSE: You know, the golf course isn't particularly easy. It's fairly sense if you hit some good tee shots, you can have some wedges in your hand. But the weather is what's making it scorable. It's just absolutely perfect golfing conditions.

Q. Playing with Tommy and Thorbjørn, was it fun out there today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, the boys are so chilled. They are such great players and great guys and great temperaments and hit the ball well. You can work off them clubbing into par 3s. We all hit the ball relatively similar distance, so from that point of view, it was a fun day to play golf.

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