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January 14, 2003

Emilie Loit


MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. Is that the best match you've ever played?

EMILIE LOIT: Yes, it's the best match I've ever played on a tennis level and feeling level. I was playing on the center court. The public was great, so I really had a great moment on the center court today.

Q. You saved those two match points. Did you feel you might have her, that you had broken her resolve?

EMILIE LOIT: I was believing in it from the beginning. I played well the first set. I even played very well in the second set. It was very close. On the two match points, I really went for it. I really thought until the end, why not, that I could do it.

Q. The 10th game in the third set today, you had a dropshot. Would you tell me how you feel? Do you remember that dropshot?

EMILIE LOIT: Yes, I remember. Today I was feeling so good on the court that I thought that anything could happen. So, yes, I tried this shot, like I tried a lot of other shots. It worked well. It was just a question of feeling at that moment.

Q. Did you decide before the match to try and counteract Serena's power by using a lot of slice?

EMILIE LOIT: Yes, a little bit. But also slice is my game, so I knew I was going to play this way. I tried also not to play with too much power and make too many mistakes, to keep her playing the rallies. I thought also the fact that being left-handed could bother her.

Q. Did the conditions suit you today, the cool weather and the slow court, the ball bouncing high? Did that suit your game?

EMILIE LOIT: Yes, I liked it because it was cool, and also the surface suits my game very well. My topspin forehand bounces very high and it takes my slice very well. I really like the surface here.

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