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October 31, 2018

Justin Rose

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Justin, you're coming into this week again on a solid set of form. Can you compare right now to where you were last year at this time?
JUSTIN ROSE: Pretty similar in some ways. There's been a lot of Top-10s runs into this week, makes you feel like you're playing well. You're in contention and on the leaderboard and you're looking for that little kick to get over the finish line. Coming over here, I won in China at week before last year but I was able to roll it into this week and made the putt on the final green to get ahead of the field.

Confidence-wise, I'd say it feels fairly similar. Now it's up to me to put four good rounds together.

Q. You have an opportunity to get back to world No. 1 this week. When you did it at the BMW you said you would use it in the same sentence as Olympic Gold Medal, winning that, to the 2013 U.S. Open. Given the fact that you have to win this week to get back to No. 1, would that elevate the accomplishment at all?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think so. It's an added thing to think about obviously. That's not going to help me to win the tournament. I've got to keep it and run my routines and try and keep it simple, right. That's how you play your best golf. I always play my best golf by stripping away thoughts rather than by adding them, so I have to be careful how I frame them this week.

I said six weeks ago, I want to get to world No. 1 by finishing tournaments and obviously I got there by finishing second at the BMW, it was a bittersweet moment really, because I was disappointed not winning the playoff but I got to No. 1, and you want to be there for as long as possible, too. It would be great to get back there.

Q. If you look at your play over the last year or so, 30 events, 23 Top 10s over that span. Does that kind of consistency motivate you?
JUSTIN ROSE: It does. It keeps you hungry when weeks aren't going my way and sort of Thursday, Friday. I still try to grind it out and work hard on the weekend to get something out of the week.

That level of consistency is something I'm very proud of. If someone had told me another player would have 23 Top-10s out of 30 events, that's unbelievable, but when you're actually doing it, it doesn't feel as special as maybe it is.

It's been a great run of golf. In terms of my career, that's as high a level as I've ever played at. Coming into this next off-season, I know the PGA TOUR season has already started and the season is underway, but as I come into what I feel is my off-season, I still feel very hungry to improve certain aspects of my game.

I think there's certain gaps to fill. Next year for me I'll be looking at the majors and how I can do a better job contending in those. I finished second in The Open but it was a bit of a late run at it rather than being up there all week. The attention will shift on to those and see if I can bring those consistency to those.

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